News Article Former General Secretary Shot Dead At Midday!


May 5th

The former General Secretary, Harold Jordan was shot and killed yesterday after giving a charged speech live involving the proposed plan to blow Elysium up. Much of what he said spoke of his discontent and lack of trust in both Elysium and the Commune, going so far as to publically state that he believes their leaders care only for and are blinded by personal ideology and not for the wellbeing of the people.

Video of his death has circulated across Elysium and abroad as a threat to rise up alongside allege members of his assigned Starfleet Task Force. We have attempted to contact Starfleet, the Peacekeepers, and Elysian Government to touch on the murder of the famed war hero in an effort to see if they have any suspects or if they'd like to speak on his final words but as expected all three simply stated that they'd be looking for who did this and that while they understand the potentially illegal wordage used by Jordan, they still see him as one of the greatest statesman and Officer to grace Elysium.

Though sharply following his death, the Jordan Foundation a charity that utilizes the late leaders General Secretary pension and holds shares in businesses formerly under Hal Jordan's name and elsewhere has released a statement in the day since his death. "Today is not the day to mourn the death of Hal Jordan. We shall continue to persist and push his ideals throughout Elysium and abroad. His mentions of fear within the ranks of the Elysian and Communist Governments are true and the plan to blow Elysium in half will only ensure our future is filled with further fearmongering and deaths. In the coming weeks, we'll do our part. Now we only ask that the Government of all Pandoran nations do what they were meant to do, prevent their citizens from committing the act of terrorism that is blowing up the moon, and call for the Communists and Elysians to end their fearmongering ways and for once seek dialogue to end this perceived hatred."

Though they are not the only ones to touch on his assassination, across social media platforms there have been two competing hashtags, #LongLiveTheLightbearer and #DingDongTheDickIsDead. As one can assume from the naming, following his death two camps have made their thoughts known. Some mourn the man and claim that they'll heed his final words while others are glad that he's gone. Some of the more vocal such as a member of the Assembly of Planets Reha Johnson have stated that Jordan got what he deserved for inciting an open rebellion and taking up the mantle of a terrorist. Her words were quickly condemned by her fellow assembly members and by many who still hold the Liberator of Elysium close to their hearts.

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