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Open Four Horsewomen of the Andiicalypse

Who do you wanna see?

  • Jesse

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • Bobbie

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Jo

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Kristin

    Votes: 2 20.0%

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Plots & Lore Division
Alright alright alright Character Poll!!!

I should note that I'm low key itching to start some new craziness in Pandora and/or maybe I'm just wanting to add someone else to my roster, I don't know! This is more of an interest check than anything else because I dunno, I got that itch. I'm not sure if I'll app the winner of this poll or use it as a means to see who I'd rather win, but here we go!

Jesse from Control is a secret love of mine. She's got a super tough life she's been through and she's a semi-normal person who's got some kick ass crazy powers she's just figuring out. An Andii type of character FOR SURE! If I were to bring her in, she'd likely live in Centria or Pandopolis, and she'd get involved in the paranormal right away. She's one woman army in a leather jacket, so to keep her slightly separate from another one of my characters who is similar, I'd like to play with her going into the Government! Which would make her slightly uncomfortable but it's a roll she's sort of been working on playing up to. And I haven't finished the game yet so I'd need to do that before picking her canon point, but why pass up all those cool skills?

Bobbie from the Expanse is a more recent love of mine. She's tough as nails and don't you ever doubt her ability to pick the hard thing to do! She's a Marine and from a Sci fi world, so she'd likely wind up in Space because that's where she's comfortable. She'd probably look into the Governement, but I might have her steer clear of it just because I'd like to take her from s4 so she'd be a little removed from it all. She could be a mechanic easily, or work on a spaceship in general.

Jo from SPN is not a new character by any means. I've played her here before and for a very long run! I had to give her up because I lost muse for her, but I think I may like to give her another shot. She'd be back at the Homestead in Centria, running it and trying to organize hunters taking on bad shit in general. I'd need something to get her to build some roots this time and make some friends, but there's always a chance she'll just wander and figure things out on her own! I would take her with all her old Pandora memories, so there's lots of chances for her to reconnect with some people she met previously!

Kristin from Altered Carbon is a rough around the edges cop from another scifi show! She'd probably be in space or Pandopolis, also probably a cop, and she's just got a big chip on her shoulder. I have less direction on where I'd like to take her and there's more of a general love of the character than anything too firm as to what I'd do with her. She's sassy and crazy and won't put up with shit (do you see a theme here).

Those are the four I'm currently considering. Please vote! Feel free to leave me ideas in thsi thread if you have any characters/plots you think they could fit into/etc! Just kinda throwing it out to the wind! <3
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Totally understand the feeling. In the end, choose the one that inspires you the most and gets you more excited for plots!

...That being said...


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