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Fraldarius, Felix

Felix Fraldarius

Fire Emblem
True Neutral
Relationship Status
There's nothing to be gained from fighting someone not worth dueling, after all.

Played by milk

Fandom: Fire Emblem
Age: 23 (February 20th)
Species: Human
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him
Canon Point: Crimson Flower | At the end of battle of Chapter 18 | Female Byleth | Hoarder Route (Everyone in Black Eagles outside of locked characters have been recruited)
NPC Companions: N/A


Major Crest of FraldariusFelix bares the Major Crest of Fraldarius. This means that sometimes doing combat, it can be triggered to give him an edge. The might of his swings spikes, causing him to be a rather unstoppable opponent on the battlefield. His control of when it triggers, however, is imperfect. Compared to many with Minor Crests, Felix's Crest-inherited abilities occur far more often.

Mortal SavantFelix passed the exam to be considered a Mortal Savant. This means he's able to lethally wield both magic and a sword on the battlefield with ease.

He also carries certification in the following other classes:
  • Myrmidon (sword specialty)
  • Mercenary (sword specialty)
  • Swordmaster (it's a mystery)

Reason Magic
This type of magic is completely based in offense. What a person naturally learns when honing this art, is often dependent on their personality and how it interacts with magic as a whole.

Thunder: A minor lightning attack that does some damage, and generally is uncomfortable to be hit with.
Thoron: A superior lightning attack that is rather taxing to use, and often fatal to the receiving end.

Faith Magic
Holy-based magic that is focused on healing and mending wounds. Faith magic cannot replace a proper physician with more serious injuries, but is more meant to stabilize on the battlefield.

Heal: Restores some health to an ally that is next to Felix. It's good for bruises and scrapes, but won't fix extremely serious wounds.
Nosferatu: Leeches an enemies health, and heals Felix with said energy.
Recover: An extremely draining and taxing move, which will get someone back on their feet, pretty much no matter how injured they are as long as they're conscious. It unfortunately is really only a temporary fix. Major injuries would still need to be properly treated after the battle - though they're far more likely to get there, if they have Recover cast upon them.
Restore: Removes any negative status effects which were acquired in battle, such as if they were poisoned, or were made dizzy from a prior attack. It doesn't work on things such as sicknesses or actual physical injuries.

  • Aegis Shield
    • The Hero's Relic associated with the Fraldarius Crest. Without any Crest present within the user, it hurts the wielder over time. The shield itself is extremely sturdy and functions well to shield the user from damage, though is rather heavy, and slows their progress on the battlefield.
  • Thunderbrand
    • A Hero's Relic associated with House Charon. Taken from the corpse of Catherine after he bested her in combat at the end of the war. The sword itself is more durable then most blades, and often allows the user to get more hits in, before the opponent has a chance to react. Like all Hero's Relics, a lack of a Crest will damage the user over time.
  • Sword of Zoltan
    • Zoltan was known as one of the finest blacksmiths within Fódlan. The weapon discovered by Felix amongst a series of normal weapons, by a random merchant. The blade itself is known for its sharp edge, as well as durability. Under Felix's care, it is extremely well taken care of. It is also not a Hero's Relic, therefore can be wielded by anyone. Though Felix typically won't even let other people hold the blade, let alone use it.
  • Elixir
    • A handful of what are essentially health-potions that have the power to put Felix back on his feet, even if he's barely able to stand. They have no use if he's already unconscious. He typically avoids using them, in favor of using his leeching-magic spell to heal any wounds.
  • Black Iron Spur
    • Unlike the rest of Felix's equipment, this is simply tucked away into his pocket and not used for combat. It was rewarded to his brother Glenn during his Knighting ceremony, and Felix tends to keep it on his person at all times. It's not something he talks about, or many people even know of. He did lose is briefly and couldn't really focus until he got it back.


Combat & MagicAs hard as Felix may push himself, he can only use his magic a limited amount of times, before he exhausts himself. The more powerful spells can be used once - maybe twice - during the length of a normal battle. The more minor spells can be used a handful of times, though he can exhaust himself with even those. If he tries to push these limits, he risks passing out.

Felix's combat expertise is limited to swords when it comes to weapons. If you hand him anything else, he'll just hold it like a sword, and be angry when it doesn't work like a sword.

Lone WolfWhile Felix has good ideas, he is an extremely poor leader. Expressing said ideas nearly always fails, causing things to go...badly. That mixed with him being concerned (though he'd deny it) for the well-being of the people he was put in charge of, causes him to be distracted and forces his focus in battle to slip and falter. He really does work best when alone.

MortalDespite his skill, Felix can be taken out in battle. His ability to take a hit is much lower then one would expect - which is typically why he trains as hard as he does. Outside of combat, illness can kill him just as easily as anything else. That being said, he does wield a Major Crest, which has been known to extend people's lifespans well beyond their typical stretch. He just has to not get killed before that happens.


Felix is not someone who is - as many put it - very sociable. He expresses concern with anger, attempting to sway people in seeing his point by pointing it out aggressively rather than with a gentle push. This often causes people to think of him as emotionless or even just mean - even if it is born from a place of concern, he simply struggles to express it in words that get the point across.

He can appear a bit absent-minded when it comes to things outside of battle, training, and generally getting stronger. For the most part he ignores frivolous details about people he doesn't care much for, and only really notes their capability in a fight. If they give him reason to pay more attention to their little nuances, it's typically only after they prove to be a worthy opponent and generally someone worth his time.

Death is...a complicated topic for Felix. He lost his elder brother when he was thirteen to the Tragedy of Duscur. It was not a small blow for him, yet he was encouraged to not mourn because - as his father stated - "he died in glorious service to the king". He died doing his duty, therefore died correctly. This caused Felix to have a hatred for the outdated concepts of Knights and their duties.

Mention of Felix's brother Glenn, continued to follow him everywhere he goes. People pointing out that his crass sarcastic nature, attitude, and even appearance mirror that of his long deceased brother. Felix strongly believes the dead are dead, and the living are living. The dead won't acknowledge your loyalty. They don't care. He still mourns his brother, and even his father - but he won't wallow in it. There are better things to worry about rather than being stuck in the past.

The dead deserve better than your pity.


Felix stands at 5'7" with black hair that has an almost dark blue tint in some lights. It currently sits right at the top of his shoulders when down, though that is far from a common sight. The hair itself is roughly cut around the edges, giving the somewhat choppy appearance when he pulls it back. It was originally cut with a dagger, and shows with the rough texture. He tried to even it out or add some sort of order to it at a later time, but eventually gave up. It's mostly a happy mistake that it turned out as nicely as it did, when pulled back.

His clothes are typically functional above all-else, thanks to his constant need to be ready to fight, pretty much whenever. A sword always on his hip, a shield on his back.

Felix is also used to colder climates, so he naturally gravitates towards preferring warmer clothes, though overheats easily if the temperature jumps above a rather low threshold.

  • Grew up as the youngest child in the Fraldarius line with friends of a similar age
  • His brother Glenn died when Felix was 13 in the Tragedy of Duscur
  • Served as a squire to a Knight to help suppress the rebellion in Western Faerghus at age 15
    • Witnessed his childhood friend, Dimitri, leading a charge with an unsettling ruthlessness and bloodlust
  • Began to attend the Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy at age 17, within the Blue Lions House
  • Joined the Black Eagles House after a successful spar with their professor, Byleth, a few months later
    • Actually felt..somewhat at home in the House when he caught onto Edelgard's views
  • Sided with Edelgard alongside the others when the war was declared
  • Remained a loyal member of the Black Eagles Strike Force during the remainder of the War
  • Killed his own father when it came to it, in battle
  • Wasn't responsible for the deaths of any other familiar faces, until the final battle of the War against the Church of Seiros
  • Was specifically instructed to take out Catherine, since they knew he actually had a chance to handle her
    • Was fairly badly wounded, but did, in fact, best her
  • On the front lines as the Immaculate One went down, and so did Byleth
  • Felix was pulled into Pandora before he could see if the Professor had survived.


There was relief in the idea of the end of the war, as well as concern. Times of peace didn't give people like Felix much reason to exist. He already knew he wasn't to return to her childhood home; but outside of that...he wasn't quite sure what to do with himself. His best hope was that this final fight wasn't the end. And realistically it wouldn't be. Nothing was that tidy - that neat. There would be little bursts here and there of fighting. Perhaps he could continue hunting down Those Who Slither in the Dark, and find the bottom of a well that seemed infinite.

And yet...Felix found himself nearly looking forward to the unknown. Even he tired of the bloodshed. Getting stronger - becoming better - it was his sole purpose for existing, and yet...and yet he was tired of death. Tired of watching familiar faces go sour as blood stained their hands. Not everyone was used to it. Not everyone was built for it. Some were like that now dead Boar, and obsessed over the fallen. Were warped by reality to the point where they had to appease voices of people who didn't care. It...was unsettling to watch in others. At first he thought Dimitri a fool. Weak. But he understood better now.

The sooner this was over, the better.

Felix watched as the dragon finally fell, his knee finding the ground as he realized just how much blood he had lost. The push of battle causing injuries to go ignored for slightly too long. His eyes narrowed at the ground as he searched for an Elixir, before his gaze rose and he watched...Byleth suddenly go down as well. Edelgard quick to her side. Felix's fingers failed - the Elixir hitting the ground with an annoying clink and rolling away. He reached for it, only to have something grab his wrist.

At first he thought it an enemy - hand quick to his blade to cut a hand that dared to touch him after the day was won. And yet it was a vine that pulled away from his wrist. The confusion allowed more vines to twist around his limbs, before he was pulled off his feet and into the unknown.
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Felix Fraldarius

Fire Emblem
True Neutral
Relationship Status
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