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Full Spreadsheet Tracker!

Hi friends, I'm back with another spreadsheet tracker! A couple of people requested I put this up for public use. It helps me out massively, especially since I'm really bad at updating my on site trackers, so I hope that it helps somebody else as well!

If anybody needs help with editing it, adding new seasons, etc, you're always free to hit me up via PM or on discord and I'm happy to assist!

  • One tab per character
  • Right click on the tab to change tab color if you'd like!
  • Thread status dropdown: Up Next, Replied, Inactive, Complete
  • Little icons for thread threads and comm threads
  • One section per season

Example of Use:


Make sure to File -> Make A Copy if you'd like to use it!! <3​

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//Updating Billyboy's profile/life story asap. Thought I should bring it up now in case I have activity problems later.//
Much luck to everybody in exams right now!!! There's a light at the end of the tunnel. :endeerwub:
You know when they said 'Hal you should be more in tune with the feelings of those around you, I didn't think the universe would actually listen to those losers and make me in tune with the feelings of those around me. help. me.
Looks like 400 secret scrolls/texts/novels of some pretty interesting families just got dumped on my head. Come get them before I release an exposé
last ~official livadele plot update! no more mass tags because we're tired :blobsweats:

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