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Gautier, Sylvain

Sylvain Gautier

Fire Emblem
Sincerest of Knights
Relationship Status
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Spoilers

Do I look dishonest? Are these the eyes of a guy who is just playing around?

Played by King - source
Fandom: Fire Emblem
Age:25 (6/5)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Canon Point: toward the end of chapter 21 of the Azure Moon route of fe3h, entering the room to approach the final boss.
NPC Companions: N/A


Special AbilitiesCREST OF GAUTIER
Crests were said to be power itself, given to humans by the goddess. Having a ‘Crest’ is a type of power that is only found in some of the ancestors of the original few that were given said gifts. In this case, Sylvain has only a minor Crest of Gautier, which means the strength he gains isn’t as strong as it could be nor is as impressive as someone with a major Crest. It occasionally bumps up his damage output when using special attacks and is most notable when wielding the Lance of Ruin, as it gives him a few extra boosts as well.

He’s got a natural lean towards lances, though he is well-versed in several other weapons. He enjoys the reach and has been working with them for the longest, though he can still wield a sword or an axe well enough to hold his own against most opponents.

He knows some spells!
Fire: basic, low-strength. 10 uses, 1-2 range.
Bolganone: more advanced fire magic. 5 uses, 1-2 range.
Sagittae: Uses magic arrows to hit an opponent, high accuracy. 10 uses, 1-2 range.
Heal: learned just in case. Basic and heals a small amount.
Horse riding:
What can he say, the guy knows how to ride. (;
(He's just actually fond of horses. He's been riding for a long time and is an excellent horseman at this point.)

An heirloom of House Gautier, requiring the family's Crest to properly handle it. Because Sylvain has said Crest, he’s able to use it to its full potential and has some special abilities when handling it. Those include a higher chance to avoid attacks and a stronger damage output on flying/dragon opponents..

Something to throw at people when they’re too far away to reach with his lance or he’s exhausted himself of his spells. You never know when you’ll need one!


YE OLDE FUCKBOIHe’s sort of a garbage human in general, and if anyone can sniff it out, they’re probably going to avoid him. He’s also from a medieval kind of world, so he’s going to feel really stupid and out of place anywhere more futuristic. He hasn't been introduced to modern technology at all, obviously, so his mind is going to be blown when he learns of all the new things he could get into.

HUMANJust like a lot of folks in Pandora, Sylvain is only human! Stick him with a sword or something and he’ll die.

A CHANGE OF PACEMaybe asking the professor five years ago if he could start to learn magic seemed harmless. But now he’s five years into the war using spells as well as every other weapon he’d tasked himself with mastering.
Though he does have a bit of a hidden talent for magic and an almost natural understanding of formulas and the like, he’s still more suited for physical combat. He’s got lower resistance to magic than anything else, and his attacks won’t hit as hard as an actual mage’s would.


AT A GLANCEOn the surface, Sylvain is nothing more than your average ladykilling jock. Upon meeting him, people often find him shallow, one-note, with nothing of substance on his mind. And that’s how he’d like it to stay.
He has no issues with how poorly people speak of him and his (sex)capades, and is almost amused at how well he has people fooled.
He’s not a big fan of folks finding out how intelligent he actually is, preferring to look like an idiot because he hates the pressure of having to exceed expectations at all times, calling said expectations ‘suffocating.’ Sylvain just wants to lead a normal life as much as he can, though it’ll never happen in the end and he’s accepted that.

THIS IS FINENo matter what is thrown at him, he's got a doofy smile on his face. Probably a wink, too. Life may be impossible, things may be absolutely bleak, but Sylvain will mask his true feelings about everything to be sure of others are fooled into believing he’s happy until the day he dies. He’s the friend that tries to get everyone to join in on his adventures, no matter if they’re into the idea or not - just to get them out of a slump, despite usually being in one of his own. As he's gotten older, his sense of humor and his ability to act took a bit of a nosedive around his peers; however, he still knows how to turn the flowery language back on when he needs it.

GIRLSSylvain is almost proud of his reputation as a “skirt chaser.” He has little shame for his shallow, womanizing behavior. Though his obsession with women stems from his insecurity/inability to form true romantic bonds and he is very much aware of it, he still will stop at nothing to attempt to woo any girl he finds attractive. He's much better at landing ones he doesn't have to see later, and is… awkward with the girls he sees on a normal basis. Especially those he wants to befriend, since he's stuck in the thought that women only would want him for what he is and not who hs is.
Sylvain sees himself essentially as a stud horse to create an heir and continue his bloodline, to have a child that bears a Crest and take on after him as Margrave. He's aware of how glamorous this life seems from the outside, and how women would gladly sleep with him in order to be set for life in nobility.

THE TRUTHQuite literally, Sylvain was screwed into being what he is now at birth. Even though he was the younger Gautier son, he was set up to be the next Margrave as soon as he was tested and shown to bear a Crest. His father is the one who looks over the border for the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and thus Sylvain will be the one to take his place when the time comes whether he likes it or not. He will most likely be put into an arranged marriage in the future, ensuring their bloodline carries on and locking in his future.
Because of who he is, he feels extra pressure to succeed and a major hatred for himself and what burdens come with his blood. He grew up with an older brother that tried to kill him out of jealousy throughout their childhood simply because he existed. Even when he was young, he understood why his brother hated him and didn’t really fight it. He’d been left on the side of a mountain in the winter, stuffed into a well... among other things that one wouldn't ever think of putting a child through.
He wants to trust people, he really does, but he finds it difficult to do so as long as they know who he is and what he was bred to do.
He’s incredibly reckless and will throw himself in front of a blade if it means saving someone who he believes is more worthy of life than he is. Sylvain knows that he shouldn’t be so thoughtless, that he has much to live for and so many things that he’ll have to do when he takes his father’s place… but he’s open about his desire to lay down his life for others. People never take him seriously until he actually does something crazy, though he is not ever lying about how important protecting those he loves is to him. It’d get him out of a life he didn’t want to lead, anyway.


[Sylvain wielding the Lance of Ruin]​


Because of his lineage, Sylvain grew up very close to the prince and those who were in proximity to him as well. He was seen as a big brother figure, since he was the oldest in his group of friends. He still has his nose in his friends' business, now often trying to convince them to let loose or trying to get the guys to join him on his attempts to bring home women.

Before the outbreak of the war, House Gautier's relic was stolen by Sylvain’s older brother, Miklan. His class was instructed to take down the bandits Miklan had been commanding, and Sylvain himself was the one to approach his brother and cut him down. That is, until Miklan attempted to wield the weapon without the appropriate Crest and was transformed into a horrific demonic beast.
The class was able to take him down for good, recovering the relic from his mangled corpse. Though Sylvain does say that his brother was already dead to him, estranged from the family, and literally turned into a monster… it was still difficult to see his own family fall so far. He pities his older brother for falling into such ways of life, though he can't really say he never expected to see his downfall after all of the years of resentment toward Sylvain.
Soon after his death, their father requested that Sylvain take the remaining bandits of Miklan’s group down. He came to his professor and his classmates to help him out again, to which they agreed.
They were able to defeat the rest of the bandits, thus proving himself to his father. He was given the family’s relic when he was found worthy of wielding its power.


No need to panic. You’ve been through worse. It’ll be fine. No worries. It’s cool. It’s fine. Nothing to freak out about.
Okay, there was plenty to freak out about. Or at least, that’s what he’d tell himself. No idea if just walking past the threshold and ending up somewhere completely random and foreign was as terrifying as where he just came from, but… Well, actually, it kind of was. He’d prepared himself for so long, hyped himself up for one final battle with everyone else. After that, things would be over. Everything would be okay if they just somehow survived whatever… that was.
It was supposed to be the end.
If they could just pull through, everything was to get better. Their lives could change, they would all be able to do something amazing. For the first time in years, there was hope, and Sylvain was going to cling to it until it was gone.
Did something happen? Did he get knocked on the head the second they got into that room? Did he just die from shock or something?
No. No, it wasn’t as bad as before. Sure literally everything was terrible and it might be literally impossible to survive this next fight, but nothing was going to fuck Sylvain up specifically more than watching his own brother turn into that thing.
So he couldn’t have just keeled over from just seeing that. He was fine. Alive. Had a pulse still. Pinching himself hurt. So unless he did just get taken out without realizing it somehow, Sylvain was alive. It was difficult to believe, because it felt like he was living in some fever dream with a hell of a lot less fever.
It had to be a spell of some sort, some kind of illusion. His friends, his professor, his King had to be here… somewhere. Maybe they'd been scattered as a final attempt to confuse them. It was definitely working, as it had been more than just a few moments of standing in place, eyes darting about the room, still on guard. There had to be an end to it, and hopefully it'd come soon.
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Lots of really cool characters coming from the Fire Emblem fandom, it's making me want to check it out. >.>

Anyway, Sylvain is all set and ready to rock. Have fun!! 8)

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