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News Article General Secretary Harrold Jordan Announces His Intent To Leave Office!

Hal Jordan

DC Universe
The Man Without Fear
General Secretary of the Alliance
Chaotic Good


From Model to Starfleet Posterboy to Superhero to Rebel and finally General Secretary of the Alliance. The multiple careers of Harrold 'Hal' Jordan have been rather extraordinary and diverse as he's jumped between various industries and categories. Those his most important and famed will forever be his time as General Secretary of the Alliance, one in which he not only fought alongside the people of Elysium to free them from a tyrant but ruled fairly and justly after he brought down their oppressor. Since then Harrold has strived to serve the people as best as he could. From creating the Assembly of Planets to honoring those before us with the Hall of the Valient and Skywalker Day, none can say that during the reign of the Lantern did not prosper.

Yet like all great things, the Reign of the Lantern must come to an end. Late tonight, Jordan came before the press and announce his plans to leave office on the 30th of this month. Just like the man who'd propelled Jordan into politics, he made no comment about who he wishes to succeed him. Instead, he made a few off the cuff remarks about how they clearly will never be able to one up his greatness. Instead, Harrold has stated that he fully plans to back any and all who come after him in homes of ensuring a smooth and peaceful transition of power. Though he hasn't spoken about what he intends to do next, it has become widely known that a docu-series surrounding his time as GenSec will be coming out in the coming month after he leaves office.

It's set to be the first time that the Pandoran people will see the day to day workings of their political leaders and any who have been watching Harrold closely will know that his personality will without a doubt make this into quite the interesting adventure. Harrold Jordan: A Light in the Darkness will air throughout the cosmic wilderness, Pandopolis, and Centria as well as stream on Starkflixs. For all those who wish to see just how the Lantern spent his nine months in office, tune in as we'll all be in for a treat.


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