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Open Gone with the Wind

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Sunshine Orphanage, Ark City
Psychokinetic Human
143 cms (4’8 ft)
Lawful Good
March 10th

If she had to pinpoint the moment the weather turned on her, it would have to be about yesterday afternoon. It’d started as a comfort against the warm, spring air, a cool wind that reminded the girl of Autumn. Ana never cared much for warmer weather, but as the day progressed, it’d become less of a blessing in disguise and more of a sheer annoyance.

It followed her everywhere, even inside the orphanage, where no one else seemed at all affected by it. Someone suggested ghosts, someone else said sylphs. Ana was familiar with the former and only ever heard of the latter but had no idea how to go about proving it or disproving it or even fixing the problem for that matter.

Besides, it seemed like she wasn’t the only one being chased by weather. She’d seen ,on more than a couple occasions, folks trying to outrun snow clouds. She even saw one guy holding an umbrella sideways as he tried to protect himself from side-falling rain. That one made her laugh, admittedly.

So, she’d decided that this was yet another one of Pandora’s hiccups and found temporary solution in throwing up the occasional psychic shield to buffer the wind. She wondered how long she’d be able to dedicate herself to this solution.

Ana perched on the broad, wooden bench inside of the butterfly house and scribbled away in her journal, ignoring the other visitors as they drifted around the room in favor of the letter she was writing to her friends back home. They’d never catch sight of a word -she realized- but that was okay. It helped just to say ‘hello’ and to think of how they’d react to a world like Pandora. She’d imagine Ninten would take it all in stride, boundless energy and courage carrying him from the cities of Centria to the seas of the Crystal Vales. He wasn’t one to stay in one place for long, forever drawn to adventure. Lloyd, Ana imagined, wouldn’t be quite as adventurous, but his insatiable curiosity would take him from one unexplained scientific wonder to the next.

Speaking of unexplained phenomenon, Ana could feel the now-familiar sensation of cool breeze whispering against her skin as her shields wore down. Then, near instantly, the wind broke down what little remained of the barrier’s resistance. The wind pushed against her playfully, throwing her twin tails across her face as it changed direction at its own leisure. Ana slapped at her own hair, in that moment forgetting about the loosened page of her letter. It sprung from the journal and danced in the air around the child before veering deeper into the butterfly room.

Ana sighed. . .

There was no getting used to this.
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