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Open Graphics Request! Pretty Please!


Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing ok! I was wondering if anyone could do me a signature of all my character put together please? My only request is that it includes the movie version of Alita! And the words "Team Amity" added to it! I plan to stick with these characters for a long time! :D

Edit: These are my characters!

Saber from Fate Stay Night
Shana from Shakugan no Shana
Alita from Alita Battle Angel (Recently released movie)
Lina Inverse from Slayers
Mikoto Misaka from Certain Scientific Railgun
And possibly, Juliet Capulet from Romeo X Juliet
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Hello mortals! It was a beautiful day today wasn't it? I know. I know. No need to thank me. But you're welcome anyways. ;)

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