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Gray, Dorian

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray
"To be different. To be powerful. Is that not a divine gift?"

Played by Alice

Fandom: Penny Dreadful
Age: 20s // actual: unknown (immortal)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Season 1, episode 4: "Demimonde" after leaving the greenhouse
NPC Companions: his soul the painting


Manipulative & Charming
- can make you do stupid shit by being fancy​

Intelligence & Knowledge
- smart boi because education and people study​

Special Abilities
The Painting
- you know the drill
- immortality/invulnerability/everlasting youth and beauty​

The Painting times two
- a lifesize painting of himself that didn't deserve all the shit Dorian's making it suffer through
- ugly af
- probably hidden in some dusty attic surrounded by fancy mirror hallways because Dorian be extra​


THE PAINTING (reprise)
- stab that canvas, Dorian be ded
- ugly af
- very good blackmail material
- basically, Dorian's whole life is this piece of canvas and paint​

- what's rejection? what do I do with this? Oh wait. MURDER
- likes people who like him; aka you can use him by figuring out how to appeal to him
- actually kind of naive aristocratic boi who thinks he owns the world (and can't quite understand how it could be any different)​

- will probably do lots of stupid shit just to give it a try
- anything that intrigues him will be pursued without worry for consequences​


"I never say no."

- Dandy for a livin'
- likes to brag but does it subtly; aka likes to impress people
- Mr. Exposition for the sake of showing off (today on: fascinating but entirely useless facts, as read by Dorian Gray)
- charming
- smart
- restless
- ever-bored
- suffers from the "privileged kid" syndrome
- immoral af
- aesthetics are life
- attracted to shady shit
- thinks murder is pretty hot (blood soaked threesomes for life, bro)
- sexy and he knows it (???)
- people person
- actually kinda hollow; always unsatisfied with what the world has to offer
- lives in the moment (easy to do when you're immortal duh)
- fears nothing (easy to do when you're immortal duh)
- can't handle rejection/has never experienced it, really
- has a thing for absinthe


that Orpheus boi but in 19th century dandy version


probably won't bother with this ????



-plant exposition-
wanna murder and some dick?

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