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Hanson, Margo

Margo Hanson

The Magicians
Chaotic Neutral
High King Margo "The One-Eyed Destroyer" Hanson
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Played by GhostOfHalloweenPast

Fandom: The Magicians
Age: 25
Species: Magician
Gender: Female
Canon Point: 4x04 Marry Fuck Kill - when Josh tells her about his curse
NPC Companions: N/A


MagicIn Margo's world, magicians are humans with magical potential, which manifests early, but most only realize what they've been doing, when they learn about Brakebills, a secret university for magicians, and are invited for a placement test - most often, after their undergrad exams or in their early twenties. Brakebills is hidden away from the mundane eye, somewhere in upstate New York, but kids from all over the States get magically transported there on the day of their placement test. Those who don't, might end up in so-called hedgewitch safehouses, where they learn and train spells illegally and under great risks. Margo passed this test with flying colours and was sorted into the group of Physical Magicians. Anything concerning physical energy and its transformation into other forms of matter, falls under this category and is a lot easier to do for Margo. Every of these students has a kind of specialty, or signature sub-discipline: Some bend light, others create portals, and Margo is known for her Cryomancy, the ability to manipulate ice.

There are other types of magic that all students can, more or less, utilize, such as ritual magic, potion brewing and battle magic. Latter consists of mostly defensive and offensive spells, which Margo has only a rudimentary understanding of, since Brakebills doesn't teach this kind of magic to its students, so she and her friends had to learn it in their off-time. Certain rituals allow magicians to shapeshift temporarily, to bring people back from the dead - temporarily - or to create so-called golems of another person (not so temporarily). They require ingredients, spells and sometimes hand movements, certain lunar phases, or emotions to be present, or else they will backfire.

LanguagesAs a skilled magician and spell-user, Margo knows a lot of languages at different levels of fluency, since the spellwork requires her to speak, read and write many of them - not even a huge part of spells are written in English. She notes at one point that her Indonesian sucks, but regardless of that, Margo puts in the effort to translate things that are important.

Theater StudiesMargo graduated from UCLA's undergrad program with a 4.0 GPA in Theater. She can sing well, knows her pop culture and theater references and can play a role, if needed.

Strategy & Royal Affairs & LeadershipAs one of the kings and queens of Fillory, another world apart from earth, and with a lot of time spent in the royal castle there as acting Queen - sometimes not so willingly - Margo has grown into the role quite well. She's versed in war strategy, diplomacy, and how to take responsibility for a whole kingdom of people. Though not always quite patient, and sometimes too much of a temper, she is skilled when it comes to negotiations, brave enough to do the things the others won't consider out of fear of the risks. Margo has spent quite some time at the Fillorian castle, and was voted into the position of High King, by the majority of citizens - who are mostly talking animals she was always kind towards.

Fairy EyeAs a parting gift, the Fairy Queen gave Margo the eye back that she had to exchange for being sent back from the Faerierealm - but instead of her human eye, the magician received a fairy eye, that is able to see far more than any mundane eye can. She is still learning how it works and what exactly it shows her, but it's likely, she can see through glamours with it or perceive far more colours than the human language even has names for. It's also shown to recognize a godly artifact.

Sorrow & SorrowAfter waking from a very vivid dream in Pandora, Margo found herself with two sturdy axes in her possession — which is the right cue word. Those two axes can, if embedded into someone chest at the same time, force a possessing entity or spirit to leave the body and rush into the air space above, where it can be banished, killed or bottled up for safekeeping. The axes, which the magician named Sorrow and Sorrow as to avoid having to check which is which, are only good for the loosening-a-possession part, though, they don't have any special powers against the entities released through the process involving them.
Besides that, they're also pretty awesome axes in a general sense, and Margo sometimes uses her Cryomancy to enhance them a bit and make them more deadly.


Mortality & Magical LimitsDespite her powerful magical abilities, Margo is still human, and far from invincible. Any harm that would affect a human, will also affect her, she can get sick, will grow old and die at some point. Further, her powers have fatal limits; additionally to exhaustion, her magic can fall victim to mistakes, and is no match against gods, for example. For most spells, Margo needs to perform certain hand movements, or say certain words - if she can't use her hands or voice, she'll be fatally limited in what kind of magic she can still do, except for minor physical spells like telekinesis. If she makes a mistake during the spellwork or ritual, neither will work - or worse, backfire.


When Margo enters a room, people notice. There is confidence radiating off of her - a confidence she worked hard for in a world hellbent to keep her small and submissive - and a certain charm, which she displays as a flirty nature to some and as leadership quality to others. It's easy to see why people like her as a queen, even going so far as to write her into the ballot and crown her High King of Fillory, despite having two other capable leaders to choose from: She's kind to the outcasts, listens to her people and makes decisions nobody else wants to make. She's smart and handles diplomatic matters well, even if her patience sometimes runs out; then she stops caring about whether or not she is offending anyone with what she thinks is the right thing to do. Nor is she afraid to tell people her honest opinion on them.

In moments of crisis, Margo keeps a clear head, most likely because she's been through so much shit in the last two years, that barely anything can truly throw her off balance anymore. She holds the best motivational speeches, just, in her own brutally honest ways. More often than not she tells everyone to just suck it up already and stop whining and sulking because that leads them nowhere; they can mourn later, once they've made it out of whatever trouble alive. Though she certainly understands them. Margo feels deeply too, and gets scared and tired and sad, she just chooses to keep it bottled up and under control, fearing that she would never stop crying if she started.

Generally, Margo is quite the intelligent person, knows her way around tricky spells and near impossible scenarios - and if she doesn't, she is a pro at faking it until she's making it. She has no problem with breaking the law if it helps her cause or her friends, risking dire consequences and taking the blame if it goes south, because somehow she will be able to fix them too - at least that's what she likes to believe. Especially for the people in her inner circle, Margo would go to great lengths when it matters. Despite her love to tease and laugh about them, she clearly knows when to draw the line and be serious. Most of her comments are made in good spirit anyway, but if one needs a friend who's honest with them, no matter what, Margo's the right person to turn to.


"Christ on a goddamn communion wafer," Margo gave, exasperated rolling her eyes. This was bad, wasn't it? Sexually transmitted lycanthropy sounded bad enough, but this Quickening shit really took the cake. Fuck or kill someone, otherwise the beast makes a choice - what kind of stupid bullshit was this?! Who came up with these curses, anyway?

Instead of freaking out alongside Josh, though, Margo was calm, unfazedly so. "So, what'cha gonna do about it?" Eyes prompting an answer, she looked at him, watched him shrug and explain that he had no idea, otherwise he wouldn't be sitting here with the head between his hands. For a moment, her voice dropped a bit of the sharpness. In a way, she could understand - truly understand - why he didn't want to cause more problems than he already had, why he didn't want to drag her or anyone into this. The evergoing cycle of helplessness - missed opportunity - more problems - helplessness. Of course Margo knew these feelings, just that she'd waved them goodbye somewhen during middleschool. As valid as they were, they never helped. "Okay, here's a plan: We're gonna fix this bullshit." And the way she said it, firmly yet with a certain gentleness, it was hopefully clear that she wouldn't let any other, less motivated attitude take control over this situation.

Josh shook his head. "I don't wanna add to your problems, Margo," he mumbled, trying to slip from her grasp, from her need to fix something if she couldn't save Eliot apparently - which she really didn't want to think about right now. There was no doubt on her mind that she would never forget the empty, wicked look in her best friend's eyes, that cold expression on that so familiar face that wasn't his anymore, hadn't been his ever since the Monster had possessed him. And now that it had destroyed any hope of changing its mind about leaving Eliot's body willingly---

She huffed, stemming her hands into her sides, and keeping her gaze trained on him. "And because of that, you're gonna sit back and let this shit happen to you?!" A pause. He met her gaze a tad surprised. "This ain't prom night." Another beat. "And the only thing I know for sure, is: You're not gonna fix anything, if you nutsack out on me." As to be expected, she did not earn an understanding smile for that one, but hell, she wasn't gonna be all fluffy tuffy about this, because that never helped, Margo knew that. She knew that so well.

Finally he rose, out of a sudden motivation, which Margo credited to herself here, because, really, he'd still be sitting there in that chair and do nothing if she didn't stick around and make. him. "I won't...nutsack out!" The last part of his sentence came with a bit less energy, but it was still progress. A good sign. She almost would've smiled proudly.

"Good, that's what I wanna hear," she said, stepping closer and moving her head around like a peacock presenting its feathers. "Because we're gonna find a way out of this." A pause, Margo allowed herself for dramatic effect. "Or we're gonna die trying." Then she walked towards the living room of Marina's former apartment, not seeing the helpless, shocked expression on Josh's face anymore. She remembered seeing some books on rituals in the bookcases there, so that was where she was going.

That bookcase would forever stay out of her reach though, as black vines suddenly sprouted out of the floor and dragged her under. She screamed, tried holding onto the wooden floortiles as they rushed by, but to no avail. And, for a tiny, very terrified moment, Margo expected to land in front of the Monster, to be devoured or killed or be sent on another fetchquest that she would have to complete to keep her friends alive -- instead, it was forest spreading around her. No possessed!Eliot, no Josh, nobody else she knew. Just a forest - and not even the Fillorian one, because she knew that one's smell well by now and this wasn't it.

Well, fuck.
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