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Hasegawa, Zenkichi

Self Defence Instructor
Lawful Good

Zenkichi Hasegawa
Those endless days of barking on command are done. From now on, lone wolf or not, my fangs will shred all evil!

Played by Toni

Fandom: Persona 5 Strikers
Age: 40
Species: Human
Gender/Pronouns: Male (He/Him pronouns)
Canon Point: A week after the ending of Persona 5 Strikers
NPC Companions: Valjean (His Persona)


Regular Abilities
Police Training: Having worked his way up to the rank of inspector and also being part of Public Security, Zenkichi has extensive police training and is well versed on investigation. He has also been taught self defense and restraint techniques as part of the job.His training also helped him keep a strong will while being interrogated.

Driving: Zenkichi has proven himself a pretty good and experienced driver, having driven squad cars for the police in the past. His skill is noticed by his fellow phantom thieves while he is driving the RV they rented, Makoto noting that it usually shakes more when she's driving.

Metaverse/Otherworld Abilities
Persona User: Zenkichi has the power to summon a persona, the manifestation of the rebel inside. His persona, Valjean, gives him the ability to be able to fight against shadows in the metaverse. In the case of Pandora it also allows him to fight inside the otherworld the same way.

Increased stats: In the metaverse/otherworld Zenkichi has increased strength, agility and stamina. During his first fight he was described as fighting like somebody half his age, taking out a large group of shadows with support from Futaba and her persona.

Weapon skills: He shows good skill with both a greatsword and dual revolvers while fighting against shadows alongside his persona and his fellow phantom thieves. Likely his skill with a gun is also thanks to his police training.

Wolf's Fury: While fighting in the metaverse Zenkichi can channel power to do greater attack damage but at the cost of his health depleting

Mobile Phone: Just your standard mobile phone that doesn't seem that useful inside Pandora. Unlike the other phantom thieves Zenkichi doesn't have the Metaverse nav app installed yet

Gram: The greatsword he uses in the metaverse/otherworld. It was found after defeating a strong shadow inside the Okinawa Jail. It is powerful and also slightly increases his endurance.

Dual Revolvers: Zenkichi's ranged weapon of choice in the metaverse. They are also used in his special showtime attack to rapidly fire bullets towards his opponents.

Super Karna's Gold Clothes: Armor that appears like his regular phantom thief attire. It offers him high protection, particularly from physical attacks.

NPC's Abilities
Zenkichi's persona, Valjean, allows him to fight shadows in the metaverse/otherworld. He is a persona of the Apostle arcana and specializes in Almighty and Gun attacks.

Currently equipped skills:
  • Megidolaon - Deals severe almighty damage to a wide area of opponents. The skill also has a high chance of dealing a critical hit
  • One-Shot Kill - Deals severe gun damage to a small area of foes. The skill also has a high chance of dealing a critical hit
  • Agneyastra - Deals medium physical damage to a wide area of opponents between 1 and 3 times. The skills also has a high chance of dealing a critical hit
  • Debilitate - Lowers the attack, agility and defense of a small area of foes for a short amount of time
  • Heat Riser - Increases the attack, agility and defense of Zenkichi or an ally for a short amount of time
  • Snipe - Strengthens his gun attacks by 25%
  • Enduring Soul - Allows Zenkichi to survive an otherwise fatal blow and also recover his health. This is only usable once per battle
  • Critical Boost - Increases the chance of landing critical hits


Persona User Limits: Using a persona and fighting in the metaverse/otherworld is exhausting for a persona user and takes a lot of stamina. He can only use his persona so much before needing to return to rest and regain his strength.

Human durability: At the end of the day Zenkichi is still a regular man and can be hurt in exactly the same ways as everyone else. He may be able to fight but there will always be fights he can't win.

Prometheus Dust: Prometheus dust can stop Zenkichi being able to use Valjean's power inside the otherworld which could lead to him being in a very difficult situation


I know it's been too long since i've written a letter like this. It wasn't that I didn't want to but I just couldn't find the right words. You didn't deserve just another apology for me not being able to do what I should have done so long ago. You deserved better, always have done. The words would have seemed so darn empty and meaningless without action. Akane was always right about that. Finally, all of that is over and I feel more alive than I have ever felt since I lost you. There aren't words for how it felt being able to take Owada in to answer for his crimes. Only one word even comes to my mind about that moment. Justice. Not the usual police type made for a world full of damn red tape where money talks but the type I believed in when I first became an officer. Finally i'm able to start to believe in that again. I can look our little girl in the eyes again now without thinking just how much I was sacrificing to keep her safe. Their threats are meaningless now.

I don't even now where to start describing how all of this was possible. It's not even believable. If anyone were to actually read this explanation they would definitely want to make sure I wasn't on drugs or having hallucinations. Of course I took to it all like a true professional. That's what I would love to have said anyway, You know me too well to believe that one. I may have completely freaked out. You were always the calmer and more adaptable one. I still get flustered a lot easier than people expect. With this one though I think even you would have lost it a little. Another world containing jails full of shadows and monarchs ruling over them. It sounded like a story with way too much spice, until it wasn't. If only you could have seen these places, the way they were recognizable but so different and twisted at the same time.

You're probably thinking if others wouldn't believe it then why not show them instead. That was how I first ended up going into the cognitive world after all. They knew I wasn't going to believe a thing. The problem with that is that not just anyone could access these places, only the phantom thieves. By that I mean a group of kids, an AI that has a human form inside the jails and a talking cat. Well, that's not a sentence I ever thought anyone would be writing unless it was some sort of fantasy story. I was never actually mean to get close to them. In the original plan they were meant to be like pawns, stepping stones towards getting what was needed. If it was going to help get justice I would have betrayed them without looking back. It would have been for you and for Akane, That was the idiot of a man I was just that short time ago when I first met them, working towards what I thought would be justice. I thought if my help was able to put Commissioner Kaburagi at the top of the chain our time would come at last. It was the only thing keeping me going. You would have hated that version of me. I know that now,

Then I met them. Working with them started to grate on me, seeing these kids with a such carefree views of the world and righting wrongs. It just felt like such idealism believing that things would be that black and white. Then I realized why it stuck in my thoughts so much. Their thoughts were so much like when I was younger and wanting to change our world for the better, even how they wouldn't budge when I tried to bring more realism to their thoughts. Unlike me though they had the power to work the way they wanted to, really change things without even a trace of who they were. They don't take no for an answer either. They saw how things were with me and Akane and just wouldn't leave it alone, wanting to help both of us. Before I knew it there was curry cooking in the kitchen and they were helping Akane with her homework. I hadn't seen her so happy in 2 years and there wasn't really anything I could do to thank them. Letting them stay the night seemed so small in comparison.

I hated it more and more, knowing i'd still be expected to do what I was supposed to. Those damn kids were everything I wanted to be and yet I would have to stop them at any moment. If someone is suffering, it's only right to provide aid where possible. That's the way of the phantom thieves yet they were about to be punished for something they didn't do. I was always meant to be stood on the front lines when they were to be arrested yet standing there I couldn't do it. Just as Kaburagi reminded me I made a vow that to stop atrocities i'd endure the hardships. Don't think she expected that to backfire on her when I warned them knowing it would mean my own arrest. Good job one of the phantom thieves is the younger sister of one hell of a kickass lawyer.

The push that finally snapped me out of my stupidity didn't just come from that group though. After I got freed from interrogation only one of them was at my hideout. That was when they told me that our Akane had been made the monarch of one of these jails and had captured all the phantom thieves except one. Part of me couldn't process anything, only thinking of getting her back and freeing the kids. I didn't care that I didn't have power like them and I couldn't fight in that world. You know as well as I do that I would die for Akane without a second thought. When I reached her there was only harsh truths waiting. I deserved every moment of having how corrupted i'd become being thrown straight at me. It was my reluctance to even be able to look our daughter in the eye that had led to her being used like that. Unlike me she hadn't compromised what she believed was right. You would have been proud of her looking back on that day. Our girl was given a power that others had selfishly used to get others to do their bidding but even then thought of using it to do good. She just wanted to do what me and the rest of the police couldn't.

There and then I was ready to give up, take all the karma I knew I deserved. That was when the very kids I had once been prepared to use as pawns told me to stand up and fight even after finding out what I was like. They were right. Another glance at Akane was enough to tell me that. I still had to get justice for her and for you. I couldn't just sit there anymore and let those people do what they wanted without punishment. I had to finally take the stand that I wanted to, whatever the risk was. Ever since that letter I had buried my feelings to keep the only family I had left safe but it was in that moment I realized how foolish i'd been. That was when I gained the power to fight in that world and truly joined the phantom thieves. I don't exactly get all the cognitive mumbo jumbo and how everything inside the jails works but basically having a persona can help you fight in that world. The others described Valjean as a rebel in my heart or something like that. You can see why I don't exactly grasp this stuff properly.

I finally felt free from all the damn hurdles i'd been trying to get over doing things the way police are meant to. I could look Akane in the eye and tell her that I was going after Owada and I wasn't going to compromise anymore. That day I promised to go after those I needed to. With the help of the others I finally could. Using a method nobody would ever believe if I told them we told them I was able to bring in Konoe and it was through him that we were also able to finally get the evidence needed against Owada. Fighting alongside the phantom thieves we went so far as to defeat an AI that had evolved to a god-like level but even that had nothing over being able to see that bastard try and answer for his crimes. Just I promised Akane I was the one that managed to collar him and all the guys that had been concealing evidence got arrested too. It's finally over Aoi. Not only has justice served but me and Akane are getting chance to repair our bond, I told her after that mission i'd take time off to spend with her and i'm going to be true to my word. I have the whole of next week just to be with her and be a family.

I've also decided this is going to be the last letter like this. It doesn't mean i'm forgetting and moving on, quite the opposite. It means i'm looking ahead at last and seeing what I can be. I want to take the whole of these past few years and use them to remind myself why I have to fight for the justice I believe in no matter the cost. Now that i'm finally seeing the man I should have been so long ago in the mirror I don't want it to change. This last letter is my new promise to be like the man you knew and not let what happened to our family happen to others. Helping people who need it wherever I can is what I should have been doing that whole time. I know in some way you'll be there watching and I hope I can make you proud.

Until we meet again.


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