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News Article Heavenfell Government Releases Strange Survey


June 1st to July 30th
At the beginning of the summer season, an announcement was made across the Slumbering Abyss territory. All citizens under the rule of Her Majesty, Edelgard von Hresvelg, are invited and encouraged to participate in a public survey regarding how the region is governed.

These surveys are to be distributed by messengers as quickly as possible, and anyone who struggles with literacy will be assigned a local official to answer the questions for them. These questions all pertain to the effectiveness of various programs and organizations run by Heavenfell, from the schools to the military. It also asks for opinions on general quality of life improvements or issues that Heavenfell has yet to address in a satisfactory manner, and what the citizens expect from their leaders.

As the Pride Festival begins in Heavenfell itself, a number of stations manned by soldiers and knights will be made available in the capital and surrounding settlements to accept these filled surveys for review by the Ministry Council. The answers of all survey takers will stay anonymous, but all who submit one will be checked to ensure they live in the area. The survey will end on July 30th, when another important announcement is rumored to be in the works.

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