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Open Help me choose when to take Sannan (Hakuoki) from.

Which canon point should I choose?

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somewhere you probably don't know

This is Sannan Keisuke (or Keisuke Sanan according to the localization) from Hakuoki. I have only played Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms so I will take him from there. He is a samurai of the Shinsengumi. In the beginning of the game, he was a kind and quiet man who was also described as the scariest man in the Shinsegumi by Hijikata. However, during the course of the game, he experienced changes that drastically altered his personality.

Canon point 1:

Sannan got into a fight and lost the use of his left arm. Because the katana is a two-handed weapon, Sannan was unable to fight like he used to. This turned him into a depressed, angry and passive aggressive man. He stayed in his room all the time and believed himself to be useless because of his injuries. Even when people were nice to him, he immediately took their words the wrong way and made it difficult for people to comfort him. Because of his passive aggressive attitude, though he had been well-liked before, he quickly turned into someone the soldiers would like to avoid.

Canon point 2:

In order to regain the use of his left arm, Sannan drank the Water of Life (ochimizu) which was a special potion made from the blood of vampires from France (lol). He turned into a Fury. So now even though he could fight very well, he thirsted for blood every once in a while and became weak and tired under the sun. Being able to use both of his arms made him less depressed and snappy. However, he was slightly unhinged.

Canon point 3:

This Sannan is from either Harada or Heisuke's route. He was insane and scary. He let his soldiers out into the streets to kill innocent civilians to sate their thirst and was willing to go to great length to improve his Fury Corps.
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