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Open Hodgepodge Aesthetic


The Lich Queen
Slavin' Away
Heyllo, I am Hexx. I am a hobbyist photographer and third year tattoo artist in the real world, but I am a proficient html/css coder, a decent graphic artist, and a professional airhead on the internet. Aesthetic is one of my favourite things to busy myself with, and since I recently shut down my commissions site, I don't get to do a whole lot of it anymore!

These samples are a wee bit outdated, but they're not too far off from what I'm still doing. I haven't done blends or manipulations since I was part of the staff on Caution 2.0 (peep that namedrop), but I would loooove to get back into it. To request an icon/signature for your accounts here, just use the form under the image drop. It make take me 1-2 days to get to requests depending on how busy my work days are :~)

Cheers x

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Text - If any
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I forgot how much I loved Tangled. Now I want to app them both! fshkgd <333

Like for a comm thread!
I'm atrociously slow right now and I can't express how sorry I am for that. The muse is coming back! Still, with the season change coming up, if anybody would rather let things go and try again next season, let me know!

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