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[Hogwarts] Wizards, Boggarts, and Ghosts, OH MY!


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About the Hogwarts AU

This AU takes place in the Harry Potter world and primarily at Hogwarts, so give your characters wands, sort them into houses, and go! Or you can make them Hogwarts faculty, or maybe even visiting aurors! Go to town!

... Or go to Hogsmeade!

REMINDER: This AU is only available for one week, so we welcome and encourage short, rapid posts. If anybody wants to continue playing with this AU after Community Week is over, you are free to do so in our AU Forum. Also please bear in mind that these posts will not count toward the Activity Check, so plan ahead!


  • This place takes place in the Harry Potter world, not in Pandora, so be sure to adapt your characters to 1944 Hogwarts. In case you aren't familiar, Hogwarts accepts students from Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
  • This is a fairly flexible AU, but just so that we are all on the same page, let's say it takes place in the year 1944.
  • Canon events and characters are not taken heavily into consideration here, which means if you want your character to teach Charms or Astronomy, but there is already a character teaching that in Harry Potter's canon, don't worry about it! That's why this is an AU. =]

Alright, students, get to class!​

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Sorry I haven't been posting. Been caught up in some stuff lately and it's kept my attention away from my writing. I'll try to get it all worked out soon. <3
sorry for every person i've ever called stupid ig :/
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