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hurricane || 13rw Clay + others wanted!


Hannah Baker

Please note there will be spoilers in this post. I've tried to keep it as trigger-free as possible. Also this is only from my knowledge of season 1. I have only seen ep 1 of season 2 so far. So nothing from s2 or 3 is here xD

We have Hannah from season 1 of 13 Reasons Why but I would love to see any of the other characters except Bryce especially the following three:

Clay Jensen
Clay Jensen is 17 years old and is the best friend of Tony Padilla and the love interest of Hannah Baker(I just want Clannah okay *sobs forever*). He's a good kid, if not socially awkward and a 'nerd' though he does have his own issues to deal with - issues that seemed to spike after listening to the tapes(which he is even featured on tape 11 though, as Hannah says, he does not deserve to be on them). He's hallucinating, has immense feelings of guilt and yes, even a brief moment of considering jumping off a cliff. He was also on antidepressants for a time.

Despite his mistakes in life, Clay is a good person. He has done some things that aren't exactly good(keying Zach's car, taking a photo of Tyler half naked) but it's important to note that it's okay because everyone makes mistakes.

Clay would love it here. As Tony put it: "He wouldn't have to marathon all of the Lord of the Rings extended versions anymore, he'd practically be living in it." Which is extremely true. There is so much for Clay to nerd out at here, we've even got elves from Lord of the Rings!

Not only do we get to potentially explore Clay and Hannah in a world where she is alive but the banter and adorableness that is Clay and Tony's friendship

  • Clay: You're like this- Unhelpful Yoda
  • Tony: Is that a crack on my height?

Jeff Atkins
Despite being an athlete, Jeff is not a complete jerk. This guys is an absolute sweetheart who genuinely cares for people no matter their social standing in school. He did have trouble in school with his grades and so Clay Jensen became his tutor(in return Jeff was a tutor for Clay for his social life and a certain girl). Unfortunately, Jeff was killed in a car accident after the stop sign was knocked down earlier in the night. He was blamed due to the bottles of alcohol in the front seat and was accused of driving drunk which was not the case.

Someone bring this cinnamon roll to Pandora so he can live because #JeffDeservesBetter

Tony Padilla
Tony is best friends with Clay and sort of friends with Hannah - she trusted him enough to give the tapes over before her death. He feels extremely guilty for not answering the door when she arrived, and felt he could have prevented her death. He is a real sweetheart, tries to do what is right, absolutely loyal and protective and pls just bring him here <3

Other honorable mentions that would be grand:
Skye Miller
Olivia Baker
Alex Standall
Jessica Davis
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