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News Article I Love Livadele


April 16th

A combination of the University of Centria researchers and hobbyist network enthusiasts recently discovered episodes of a mysterious retro sitcom from studying unused broadcast frequencies. The sitcom of unknown origins, I Love Livadele, has become something of a cult classic among those who have managed to get their hands on the rare downloadable files and streaming sites.

Boasting an ambitious ensemble cast, I Love Livadele follows the lives of its zany residents. Including the disparate Astankova family, the relationship between Sheriff Hal and his teenage daughters, the kind and fatherly Andrew Carter's endeavors to principal the school, a baker's struggles to balance the infamous town bakery and her husband's conspiracy-addled proclivities, the wild escapades of Joey the Greaser, and many more.

Will Penny resolve her sexual tension with the mysterious Eve? Will Kalene find her book? Will Wanda resolve the mystery behind the bakery's crypt? Will Satsuki convince Ran to steer clear of the Diamondbacks? Will Jason's roasting endeavors succeed? Will Noah ever rescue that cat from the tree?

If you have access, then stay tuned for the next episodes of I Love Livadele to find out!

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