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Private Ice is Super Effective Against Fire! Right?

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Touhou Project
Near a Lake Somewhere
looks around 10
Ice Fairy
4 ft 4 in (135 cm)
Local Nuisance
Chaotic Neutral
Relationship Status
In love with herself
How has Cirno never learned of the this giant CITY before? She thought she saw everything there was in Gensokyo but this place was mind-bogglingly huge and vast! Its people where too many for her to count. The folk around her were also strange looking... strange in not only appearance but also fashion as well wearing clothing styles she never seen before! Almost strange to her as the fairy Clownpiece's get-up was. But with so many people passing by it left the poor ice fairy in a conundrum: how would she ever prove herself to be the strongest with so many people needing to be impressed? Luckily for Cinro the answer quickly came to her in the form of advert that a gust of wind threw into her face.

"Baahwwa! Bhaa ahh ahhhh!" shrieked Cinro as she frantically swats the loose flier off her face in blind panic. Cirno then strike a fighting pose, ready to bring down her icy wrath only to realize it was just a piece of paper. As the crumpled advertisement got caught in some nearby bushes, its colorful art of fiery creatures attracts her attention and beckon Cirno to pick it up and properly read over the contents.

"Huh... what the heck is this?" questioned Cirno as she squints at the fine print "Have what it takes to be a master? Ready to make new friends? Come to the... Pok-e-Man Fire Gym to prove yourself to whole world!? Hrmmm..."

The gear's inside Cirno's head begin to churn as a basic semblance of an idea starts to come to her head. She spent a solid half minute just stareing at it before she had her eureka moment.

"Ha! That's it! If I just go to this gym and beat up everyone that I see, that will prove to everyone that I am the strongest! Cirno... you are a genius! Ha! But..." Cirno then takes her eyes off the paper and looks down from side of the street to the other "... where even is this place?"

As Cirno spoke aloud and searched for the Fire Gym from left to right, she is oblivious to the building that she is looking for being directly behind her.

"Ghaa! Where would I even start to look? It could be anywhere. Think Cirno think. Hrmmm..." Cirno then presses her thumb and index finger upon her chin, take a seat on the first step to the entrance of the fire gym as she contemplates where she to start her search or even where to ask.

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