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Game Update It's Autumn!!!


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It's Autumn!!!

See how excited Pooh Bear is? So are we!​

It's Autumn and Year 109 too! Happy New Year, Pandora! It's been an entire year since the Calamity only a small handful of characters remember or even know about, but never fear! It's time for warm clothes, spiced pumpkin lattes, spooky hauntings and celebrations to express your thanks. And we thank you for making Pandora such a wonderfully amazing site, you guys are amazing!!! <333

Don't worry if you have any past season threads you forgot to put up! There's a 24 hour leeway right after the Season Change for you to squeeze in any last-minute threads, and you can always use the Threads of Time forum too!

Seasonal Location

For unknown reasons, a brand new portal has appeared in every hub city in Pandora that provides direct access to various underwater civilizations, however, for an even more inexplicable reason, the portal has been switching to a new yet vaguely similar location every three weeks. Whether magical kingdoms or high tech metropolises, it’s clear that each place has at least one thing in common - they're all completely underwater. READ MORE HERE!

All Gold Saucer threads have been moved to The Crystal Vales and tagged with The Severed Haven.

Seasonal Event

[stylecolor=1]THE 13TH HOUR[/stylecolor]
Since the start of fall, the people of Pandora have been experiencing an anomaly whenever the clock strikes midnight. Some people are experiencing an hour where things stop being bound to the confines of reality. Windows stop showing what they should outside. Rooms repeating themselves over and over no matter what door you go through. The feeling of being followed. Things hunting you. As soon as an hour passes, however - things return to normal - as if nothing was amiss to begin with. READ MORE HERE!

Check out the seasonal event forum for more information!

More Events!

  • [stylecolor=1]Happy New Year's:[/stylecolor] On September 1st, we've officially reached Year 109! READ MORE HERE!

  • [stylecolor=1]Pet Adoption Festival:[/stylecolor] Ever wanted to adopt a cute pet but didn't know what pet to get? Come to the Pet Adoption Festival! READ MORE HERE!

  • [stylecolor=1]A Cosmic Gathering:[/stylecolor] The Inter-Pandoran Conference of Year 109, hosted by Lynna Carrick, the massively wealthy queen of a small planet called Crithutera, will take place in the wake of the Elysium Civil War from September 22nd to the 29th, where party-goers, politicians and even criminals and scoundrels will be present for the event of a lifetime! READ MORE HERE!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message someone from Plots & Events!

More Announcements!

  • [stylecolor=1]Bi-monthly Spotlights[/stylecolor] are back! Check out our shiny new rotation right below our banner!
  • [stylecolor=1]Bi-monthly Featured Wanteds Lottery[/stylecolor] is back! READ MORE HERE!
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I'm having a lot of trouble drumming up any motivation or interest in posting atm but if anyone wants to work on winter threads this weekend to close them up, I will do my best. Just toss me a PM or reply here!
I forgot how much I loved Tangled. Now I want to app them both! fshkgd <333

Like for a comm thread!
I'm atrociously slow right now and I can't express how sorry I am for that. The muse is coming back! Still, with the season change coming up, if anybody would rather let things go and try again next season, let me know!

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