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Open Jiggy's Poll Party. Jason Takes Manhattan


  • The Busy Body

    Votes: 7 53.8%
  • The Snake

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • The Hot Mess

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Superstar

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I say, do you feel like reading vague descriptions of characters you probably won’t recognize manhandling each other for 7-odd days in an attempt to get puppertized by Pandora’s number one heel? Because I sure do! That’s right freak bitches. It’s Jiggy Poll Time, Number six-!

You know how this goes. You know how we dance this dance. I provide you brief descriptions of characters, and you see that poll at the top of this thread? Well if one of those characters takes your fancy you can vote. That’s right-! Voting through democratic means. That’s right, no communism here boy howdy.

As always these are very weird and random and obscure muses and there’s no theme whatsoever so if anyone gets all of them...ya’ll get a cookie;

Let’s the games begins-!

Miss Busy Body;
I ain’t gonna dress this up. This Gal has had a pretty damn sucky life all things considered. You know the way most people that come to Pandora have some kind of super dope power or come from a super fun magical land? That ain’t her. Her world is cold, and her life is grim. You see, Miss Busy Body has been cursed with being the only sane member of the single most dysfunctional family the world that had ever graced America, and as such she’s been saddled with being the glue that keeps them together, with not a single thank you for her efforts, countless jobs. Not to mention the fact, she has the insane impulse self-destructive gene in her too

Honestly, Pandora would be a vacation for her.

The Snake; Speaking of dysfunctional families....

The Snake might seem like an odd name for this girl, until you consider what a snake does; It lures people in with slow, beautiful, serpentine movements and...then a few strikes and it’s over. That’s how she works, from the outside looking in, she may seem harmless, even a little detached from reality with a sickly sweet disposition, but this is how she works; She seduces people with a golden tongue, gets into their brain like cancer until she’s rotted all resistance away from..and you’re just another one of her toys. It’s a talent she posses, a talent that had been used to great effect by those she considers family.

The Hot Mess: This girl, is not a good person, or in the very least this is how she thinks of herself. once upon a time she made a mistake and it ended pretty bad for her and it created something of a self-destructive personality….After all, why would she address her faults when she can drink and party all those feelings away…

...and of course; talking to people no one else can see.

The Jesus Christ Superstar: Nothing corrupts anything quite like fame and fortune. And the Superstar is certainly proof of that; Once a quiet, mousey girl, in the hunt for gold and money, she changed everything about herself and her self image. Becoming the most popular singer in her world yet selling out to the point of becoming more callous and aggressive and obsessed with having the spotlight than ever.
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