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Jones, Michelle

Michelle Jones

Marvel Universe
Chaotic Good

Michelle “MJ” Jones

It was pretty decent, but it was like the kiddie-park version of a dungeon. Now, the torture museum, that's the stuff.

Played by Chip

Fandom: Marvel Universe
Age: 17 (22 Chronologically)
Species: Human Werewolf (Teen Wolf style)
Gender: Female
Canon Point: Far From Home, Just before meeting up with Peter on Tower Bridge
NPC Companions: N/A


Michelle Jones is about as normal as you could get in a world constantly under threat by super villains and aliens. She's also someone seemingly not too bothered by the fact that eight months ago she'd been dead for five years (and actually finds it in a morbid way kind of cool). Her only claimed superpower was the word "boh" and in some ways that was simply her being sassy. Since arriving in Pandora she's become a little bit more than just the sassy, intelligent girl she was before.

First and foremost, there are two things that haven't changed: Michelle's intellect and her observational skills. On the subject of her intellect, the students that go to Peter's school in the MCU aren't just average students. They're all incredibly smart and talented-- Going to Midtown School of Science and Technology is canonically for the smart kids who "have their futures all planned out for them". Its curriculum is one kid flunks out of. Michelle is arguably on par with Peter's genius, though perhaps in different ways (him in science/tech and her in history/literature).

Michelle isn't just another student in that respect either. She's the Captain of the Scholastic Decathalon Team. Something she was made shortly after winning the Nationals for her team by answering a sudden death question within seconds and no hesitation. A feat when one considers that while the rest of the team was studying for it she was always reading something else. She practically never studied and aced the test (not that she doesn't study in one of the voicemails she's annoyed at Peter because he aced a chemistry test without even actively going to school, but seems to need significantly less time than her peers).

Additionally, Michelle is seen as being multi-lingual. In the companion novels as well as the movie she's seen knowing French and Italian and willingly begin to study Czech when it becomes necessary. She automatically corrects both teachers and fellow students. When faced with a new situation she hops to studying it (or in the case of FFH looking up creepy facts and places to visit). Because of this her knowledge becomes wide and varied, but she is especially interested in dark history and the history of activism/human rights. Michelle is the kind of person who wants to know everything in advance so she can know what she wants to say, giving the feeling that as Zendaya says "she never makes a mistake" and she "knows what she's gonna say before she says it".

Along the same lines is Michelle's keen observational skills. She is always watching those around her-- more specifically Peter Parker. She's incredibly aware of her surroundings with Zendaya going as far to say that Michelle is aware that Brad is trying to "win her over" but she frankly doesn't care. Furthering it she says she's, "[Michelle] is very perceptive. She's also a bit of a detective, constantly watching everyone when they don't think she's watching". This nature lended itself into being able to resolve the major plot points of FFH. If Michelle hadn't been suspicious and done with Peter's disappearing act then Mysterio would have easily acted on his plans.

On a basic human level, Michelle is also shown not to panic easily under pressure. This isn't to say she doesn't-- because she does-- but Michelle concentrates on schooling herself to not show emotion. This is a protective measure as she does say she lied to Peter at one point because "getting close to people doesn't work out". But this intentional control of her emotion is actually what ends up saving her life. Michelle is a smart girl, but she doesn't really have physical prowess or any real abilities-- Despite that she was able to make snap decisions and moves to save her and her friends in a life-or-death situation. She grabs a mace all while saying "I got this," the girl is confident and handles herself well. She does panic when given the time to, though, but she is just a seventeen-year-old girl.

Her other normal human skills are her artistic abilities and sass. Can't forget the last one. She likes to draw and paint, seen making humorous comics of Peter and their teachers when they're distressed (her favorite subject). But she's also seen with a landcape canvas and likes to take pictures of interesting pieces of nature... And of course creepy locations.

Telepathy (Oct 31 Y109)Since arriving in Pandora she has begun to learn a few more things. She's no longer a one-hit-wonder with the mace. Given that she arrived with it she began utilizing it more after a few run-ins. She's able to carry and swing it more readily, although she's not anything more extraordinary than she was in this sense. Similarly, because of some events she has begun learning self-defense. Currently, she's still a novice, but she'll get better with time.

The main reason for any significant change is that when the fae cursed people on October 31 Y109, Michelle's curse did not leave. As stated by Nessa, " Michelle Jones will have suddenly gained the ability to read minds. The catch? She cannot control it or turn it off." For the first week, this remains true, but as it stayed permanently it doesn't stay exactly the same.

For RP purposes sometimes the ability just won't work and eventually, with help she'll gain a way to control it to a very minimal degree (In this case MOST of the time it'll work for like NPCs and such, but I'm not going to force mindreading on fellow rpers unless they want it, etc, so it'll exist but I have no intentions of using it without permission or discussion).

Werewolf (Feb 15 Y109)After an attack by Lorraine Broughton, Michelle would be bitten to Scott McCall to prevent her from dying. Scott being an alpha werewolf doing so would do one of two things: death or being turned. In this case, Michelle would meet the latter criteria and become a Teen Wolf-esque werewolf with all the benefits and downfalls it comes with.

Werewolves in this universe can transform into a wolf-like state at any time. Transformations result in the changing of eye color, the growing of claws and fangs, growth of hair to form a more wolfish state, and canine tipped ears. It's considered rare for a werewolf to take a more bipedal form and rarer for them to take on a full wolf appearance. However, during transformations, werewolves do tend to move on all fours and take on a wolf-like state in action. It should be noted that with control parts of the transformation process can be controlled, such as only showing eye color, claws, or fangs.

All werewolves have an enhanced sense of smell, sight, and hearing that is far greater than a humans or wolves. It's shown that they can pick up conversations from across loud cafeterias or through windows more than several yards away. They are able to tell if someone is lying by hearing the sound of their heartbeat. Their sense of smell when developed can pick up pheromones and allow them to know how someone's feeling if they're feeling an intense emotion: usually, anger, jealousy, or being sexually aroused.

Their physical aptitudes are also increased. Werewolves are roughly ten times stronger than a regular human and banging their head in frustration can end in the breaking of bricks. They're capable of faster movement, are able to jump higher, and have faster reflexes. A werewolf completely in the zone can appear to move too fast for a normal human eye.

Werewolves are also incredibly durable and have accelerated healing. Minor injuries heal quickly, almost as soon as they've been received. While others-- broken bones, large gashes-- can take hours. Healing factors do seem to stop if unconscious and while conscious, with practice, the rate can be somewhat controlled.

An aside of their healing properties it is said that they can't become intoxicated as their body processes it too properly (which is fun for a teenager).

Werewolves are also capable of transferring others pain onto themselves or transferring their memories into the other. The former is just a limited way to relieve pain while the other is something more dangerous and needs to be performed carefully. It involves placing claws in the back of someone's neck and it can run the risk of paralyzing them if not done correctly, so few werewolf decide to go that route.

It should be noted that a werewolf is more powerful in packs or during the full moon. The stronger the pack, the stronger the werewolf. Similarly, the brighter the moon, the stronger the wolf. Which isn't necessarily a good thing as every wolf-like instinct increases during that period and a new werewolf who lacks control may experience greater blood lust.

EquipmentA Morning Star/Mace
Stark Nanonite Technology: The only significant thing that has been added since her arrival. Upon meeting Tony Stark he gave her a nanonite 'A'. Aside from essentially being a tracking device and sending him a warning if something happens to her, it also acts a piece of technology that can change form at will. It cannot be made into something traditionally offense (like a gun or lance). But it can be used to turn into shields and other items (so if she got super creative in theory it could be a weapon, but it would probably shut itself down if found out). Anything produced by it is no bigger than she is.


Michelle is a normal human this has not changed. She's an awkward and a little too honest teenager, but in every way you can think of she is very squishy. When it comes to her new mindreading abilities they will be very rough and aren't easily controllable. They'll also produce headaches from all of the sounds and will... Honestly be more of a weakness than a true strength for a while, as she'd have to figure out how to piece the different voices from each other. As already mentioned it will also be prone to working when it wants to and not when it doesn't so that it doesn't affect anyone who'd prefer to have the minds of their characters not be read.

(Also while I mostly intend to keep this curse permanently it does have the potential to fade away eventually in which case I'll re-app again!).

Werewolves aren't untouchable. While they move faster than the average person, heal quickly, and have every sense on their side-- There's a lot of conditions to being strong. A werewolf on their own, without a pack, is considered an Omega. They're weaker than those in a pack. That's a bigger thing in Pandora where those who stay are constantly coming-and-going (the possibility of being a literal lone wolf is higher). A fact that is furthered in if there is no Alpha in Pandora than more members of the pack being created is impossible, as Betas cannot turn others.

They are also controlled by the moon. As a new werewolf Michelle won't have a great grasp of control-- however she is, luckily, not a hothead or easily angered so that will help-- and this means the pull of the moon will have a stronger hold on her. More wolfish insticts appear during the Full Moon which means they're more powerful, but also more reckless. Conversely, on a total lunar eclipse a werewolf cannot access their powers.

While it's possible for werewolfs to gain the Alpha Spark/Become a True Alpha, there's a lot more conditions to that which means that Michelle is a Beta Werewolf. In this universe Betas are stronger than Omegas, but must submit to the will of the Alpha. An Alpha's howl can force a werewolf to transform or untransform at will. It can also leave impressions that the less strong-willed will follow (say if they want you to kill someone you may not be able to resist).

Following that, werewolves are susceptible to a number of natural methods to destroy them: Wolfsbane is lethal to werewolves unless given an antitode. Mistletoe if ingested can stop their healing powers. Mountain Ash can be used as a barrier to prevent from entering or crossing entire an area (if a strong enough will they can cross it but it may still kill them). Hecatolite is useful on full moons as it can stop the werewolf from their transformations and lower their tolerance. Meaning that those who are usually good about their urges if presented it could loser control of their state and become more bloodthirsty.

As formerly mentioned, while the full moon does offer a sort of increase in power, it also offers a decrease in what can be defined as humanity to werewolves-- Especially new ones. If angered during that time it's easier to lose control. A werewolf's first full moon may be considered their most bloodthirsty and it takes time and control to reign that in. Being a werewolf is all about maintaining control, balancing your wolf and human instincts, so dipping too heavily to the wolf side could be considered more dangerous and reckless.

(As a note while I'm iffy on using headcanons for some things I refuse to believe everyone in Peter's immediate circle were snapped so I'm playing with the idea that MJ's parents weren't since it's not established one way or another)

When you first notice him you're annoyed. Not because he was annoying (although he was a little but dopey). Not because he's loud (remarkably, he's not, he's a very quiet individual compared to some of your other classmates). It's not of the typical things like "wow, he's cute" or "he's funny". He's different. Maybe that sounds romanticized, but it's the best word you can surmise for it-- Which was annoying in itself because there has to be a better word to describe him as. He didn't ignore you when you said something, he didn't seem put off by your truthful curtness, and most important was he remembered the things you liked.

So you become interested in him rather you meant to or not. Rather you wanted to or not.

He wasn't a friend and neither was he not. He simply was.

That was all there was to it.

As time went on you began to notice things that were different about him. Again, not different in the romanticized notion-- he didn't suddenly get more charming and he didn't get better looking. He went from a kid who did a lot of extracurricular activities to dropping to one (Decathalon). He pulled away from social interactions your peers so often thrived on as if something had changed. As if friends and social activity weren't necessary, but whereas you claimed you needed none he fit so well in a group. Was active and involved where you simply had your own interests and acted not for the group, but for yourself. You become increasingly interested in what you can only define as a "downward spiral," a top student coming close to being a high school drop out.

It would suck if it were him.

You liked him around, the friend that wasn't around. So you paid more attention to him than usual.

He talked of dropping Decathalon and does at least for a while. You noticed him skipping classes, something out of place in a school that prided itself in its students. He gets detention and you, intrigued, go there to watch. You just watch, observe, as you usually do. He looked upset, but despite your honesty and dry humor, it wasn't like you had the words to help. You weren't friends. You were just a girl who felt there was something wrong in this boy that seemed so different than your expectations. What could you do?

So you say nothing.

Not even when he ran out of the classroom at a sprint.

The others made a big deal when he showed up at the bus to head to D.C. for a Decathalon meet. You would never admit aloud that you were glad to see him. He always made things more interesting, even when he disappeared. Peter Parker had become a mystery you wanted to solve or maybe a person you wanted to help. Or both, it was probably both-- That was a thought you were begrudgingly beginning to accept. So when he disappeared the day of the Decathalon you're annoyed again-- He was always doing this, always disappearing. You just wanted to know why.

And then it happened. Your first clue.

You won the Decathalon tournament no thanks to him and so your teacher takes everyone to the Washington Monument. You would rather be protesting but also refuse to go into a building built by slaves, so you wait outside. This decision would have saved your life if Spiderman hadn't arrived. A bomb set off in the elevator your classmates were in and threatened the integrity of the structure. If it weren't for Spiderman, they'd have all fallen. But he sounded familiar acted familiar and Spiderman, a hero usually back home is in Washington D.C. When your class is. It's either a coincidence or a clue and you begin to have your suspicions about the boy who seemed to disappear from class whenever something happened with the arachnid-clad hero.

You return to New York. The school news staff interviews you on who spider-man is you establish you do not know, but you have an idea.

You don't tell them anything.

It's too stupid and absurd for even you to believe. Peter Parker was Spider-man? No, that needed more observation, but you begin to believe he was. It wasn't a fact you were going to confront him on. What if he wasn't? That would be too weird. Then you'd have to explain that no you weren't watching him (and you weren't, you told yourself repeatedly). You just. Noticed things. That was all and Peter Parker had a lot of weird to notice and you liked the weird, the strange, the dark. That's all there was to it.

And then the Snap happened.

You'd love to say there was something more to it. Maybe excruciating pain. Maybe screaming. Maybe a lot of things. You'd love to say that you were there for the aftermath, to see the people pick up the pieces. Your favorite points in history wasn't death or terror for the sake of it, it was the interactions-- The people. But you wouldn't see the aftermath in those five years yourself. You couldn't even say that you really felt anything. It was sort of like a jolting feeling, like something wasn't right-- though you couldn't pinpoint what was wrong. The sensation came and then it was just... Gone. You were gone. As quickly as it had come you were gone.

And once again as much as you'd like to think there was some grandiose kind of return but there wasn't. The sensation is almost as underwhelming as the disappearing: You existed, you disappeared, and thus you existed again. You didn't see some afterlife. You weren't even really aware of anything except the fact that you had simply ceased. The worst part of it was how disorientating it was. You arrived exactly where you were before, at school for Decathalon practice. Except for the fact half of the members were gone, replaced by strangers who you'd never seen before. A new Decathalon captain, a new teacher.

It was made worse when you tried to go home. The streets were the same, some of the people were the same, but no one was at your apartment. No one you knew anyway, your parents had moved. It took some investigation, but you came to find out that your parents didn't return in the Blip. They had not left. It was strange to learn your parents had, like many others, held a funeral for you five years ago. Strange, but cool in a morbid way that only you could be interested in (not cool they thought you were, really, permanently dead). In some ways you'd have been interested in being one of those who survived the Snap, to see how everything unfolded, but you also think it was better like this--

Life had paused for you and your friends. As odd as you think it is that all of the people you were close to at school had been victims to the Snap you could be selflessly glad for it, because now-- Yes, now, you could use that word. They were friends. The Decathalon team. Ned. Peter. It was a word you would scarcely use to apply for yourself, people didn't like your humor or your interest in the dark and unusual. Similarly, you didn't necessarily like people who acted normal and refused to see beyond what society did.

So you were Snapped and then Blipped. It was funny how things like that kind of taught you the important things, but you didn't change for it. You were still you. MJ, as your friends called you-- Or the people who you wanted to be friends. And maybe life would have a lot more coming for you in six months, but you'd face it when it came.

And maybe when that happened you'll figure out Peter's secret, even if you're pretty sure you know what it is.

Even if you won't admit to yourself that you're no longer watching him for his downward spiral.

As if.

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