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Jordan, Hal

Hal Jordan

DC Universe
The Man Without Fear
General Secretary of the Alliance
Chaotic Good
Hal Jordan
I had a choice: spend my life running away from fear, or charge toward it. Face it. Beat it.

Played by Wulfdaguy
Fandom: DC Universe
Age: ~27-30?
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps, Issue #10
NPC Companions: N/A


Green Lantern Power Ring - Considered one of the most powerful weapons in the universe it originates from. The power ring has the ability to quite literally do almost anything its owner can will it to do. And Hal's at this point is probably the top of the top considering Lantern rings, as he quite literally created it through his own willpower forever linking this ring to him. Making the two 'one in the same'. A feat that no-one thought possible, as only the Guardians could have created the full-on ring out of nothing, however, it must be said that all Lanterns can initiate a pre-programmed feature within all rings to automatically create a limited duplicate as a means to deputize people in dire times. The list below will go future into detail about a number of he abilities a Green Lantern is given via their ring.
  • Energy Constructs - From creating projectiles to full-on mech suits. A Green Lantern can make whatever their mind desires so long as they have enough willpower. The more complicated it is, the more willpower it'll use and the harder it'll be for average ring wearers to keep their construct from falling apart.

  • Enhanced Strength/Durability - The ring is capable of granting a regular human enough strength to go toe to toe with the likes of Superman and other Superbeings. The level of power only depends on how much will the wearer has and utilizes it to ensure they'll pack one hell of a punch or be capable of great feats of strength.

  • Flight - Hal is capable of going from Mach 10 on a regular day to nearly breaking into the speed force when he had to push himself. Much of this speed can be thanks to the lack of air friction when flying with a ring.


  • Mental Clarity - Drug use, alcohol, and other mental incapacitation can render the wearer unable to use their ring or at the very least unable to use it proficiently.
  • Still Human - Hal while a wielder of such a powerful weapon is still very much so a mortal. He feels, he breaths and he very much so bleeds. And has scars to prove that he's as human as they come.
  • Emotional Overload - Hal's ring can be overloaded by Fear or Rage, both of which hold their own rings and which heavily affect the Green Willpower.


Hal is many things. Most notably known for his good humor, reckless behavior, and all around fearless attitude that make him such a great Lantern. His lack of care for anything but what he feels is right tends to cause the man to come to blows with just about anyone around him. Simply because he's not the sort of person who'll
keep a comment to himself if it crosses his mind. Causing many to presume the man's an asshole when he only sort of is.

Besides that, he's a really good man and who'll do anything and everything in his power for the people. That's all that drives him. Not vengeance or some desire to be a hero. Just doing what's right because he's got the abilities to do it.



Hal woke up in the middle of nowhere, on a planet that clearly wasn't within his sector. He had just halted the war between the Atlantians and Humans, and right before he had any time to even celebrate. Something kidnapped him, something that was going to get their ass beat, to a bloody pulp.

'This is just great. ' He mumbled to himself as he once more activated his ring, and within a moments notice his body was covered. He quickly made sure the rings emergency beacon went off, as he began to see if any other Lanterns were within his general area.

When the Ring made note that there were no other Lanterns within the area, Hals mind began to run wild, even more so when the Ring informed him that he wasn't in any 'charted' sector of space.

'How is that possible.' Hal's mind went rabid for a moment, trying to figure out what happened? He tried to recall what had taken him, but all he could recall was these black ropes taking him in the middle of space.

Why he had no idea, but wherever he was. He'd soon figure out, and hopefully, someone could point him back towards Lantern protected space, that was if there was life on this planet in the first place.
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