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April 11th
Aboard the ESS* Harbinger

Hal sat in the Captains Lounge, a finely decorated and now thanks to Hal, rather messy corner of the majestic warship that he commanded Task Force 5 from. Laying back on the couch that looked directly at the holotv, Jordan had just finished up watching Lockdown, a Pandoran prison drama that had caught his eye the past few weeks when his terminal began to beep. It had only ever done so when an order was send down the chain and into his hands.

Of course Hal had other things in mind, instead of retrieving his orders, the Lantern closed his eyes and waited for the beeping to come to a stop. From then on, he took a nap and enjoyed the last few hours of the evening before he awake a handful of hours before midnight. It would only be then that he'd switch into his uniform and prepare to receive his orders.

Lieutenant Harold Jordan,

You are hereby tasked with taking members of the 1st Marine Regiment, stationed aboard your vessel and making landfall on Naerys I. Upon landing, you will seek out a lost Elysian research facility. There you will secure and retrieve elements needed to revolutionize how Elysian researchers aboard the Trailblazer conduct their work.

Your men are only permitted to fire when attacked and if able are to keep from angering the tribes of the planet. Should they seek an engagement, retreat and find a way past them. This mission is classified as is all work the Task Force does for the forseeable future. In your hands is Elysiums future, do not fail her people.

They need you, Lieutenant. Now more than ever.

Hal let out a quiet sigh, he'd put his uniform on for no reason. His men had already likely fallen asleep and the Lantern wasn't going to send out the order to gather the regiment when it was a simple mission to jump onto a planet and pick up some data. He'd do the damn thing himself and be back before anyone knew what happened. It was certainly going to be easier this way. After all Starfleet wanted him to avoid a conflict right? So the less people he had, the less chance the tribes would have of finding or fighting him.

It was quite genius after all. And so Hal quickly left a note his his XO informing them that the Task Force was to be on standby and await orders to jump in a moments notice. But above all, they were to understand that he had a mission and would be away for the time being until he returned they were to avoid any fighting and at worse, were to contact his ring.

With that being settled, Jordan went into the hangers and took off. The Green Lantern cut through the skies once more, this time alone and on a mission for Elysium's future. Naerys was some ways away but he knew that if he pressed himself hard enough, he could be there within the hour.

*ESS stands for Elysian Starship

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