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Makoto Naegi

Neutral Good

November 4th, Y110
Pandopolis Pub, Evening
@Ritsuka Fujimaru

Makoto wasn't really that good at pool, he discovered. He had played a few games that night just for fun, but had lost brutally each time. The first game, he had accidentally knocked at least 4 of the balls into his opponent's face. The second time, he somehow lined up all the balls in a perfect position for his opponent. And the third game... well, he didn't want to talk about that one. It was a total disaster, to say the least.

Maybe it was just because of his luck that these sorts of things kept happening to him. He may have been an ordinary, optimistic kind of person, but he sometimes had random streaks of various unlucky things happen to him. By this point, he had already accepted it, but it was still annoying if it happened while he was trying to do something. Or if that luck turned out to be an evil mastermind hell-bent on taking over/destroying the world. Take your pick.

He had now ordered his food and was trying to eat in peace when he heard a loud crashing noise. He turned over, seeing a red-haired girl lying face-down on the floor (or at least-half down) next to a broken plate. Concerned, he made his way over there, carefully reaching out to her. "Hey, uh... you okay?" Looked like he wasn't the only one who was feeling unlucky tonight.
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