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Laufeyson, Loki

Loki of Asgard

Marvel Universe
Frost Giant
Prince of Asgard
Chaotic Evil
In the end, you will always kneel.

Played by Lamelian

Fandom: Marvel Universe
Age: Physical early 20's, actual over a 1,000
Species: Frost Giant, looks Asgardian
Gender: Male
Canon Point: Thor The Dark World, after impersonate Odin in front of Thor


Loki is deprived from the physical strength Asgardians usually display, with certain feeling of inferiority being produced, followed by the eagerness to counterbalance such weakness. Gradually developing a brilliant and acute mind, is sharper than most. His high intelligence has assisted him in mastering the art of manipulation and fabricate tactics beyond imagination.

The knowledge over the arcane lore enables Loki to wield ancient items, such as Odin's Spear. Loki utilizes the spear not only as a spear but also emitting a nearly blinding white light, smiting down the foes with impressively forceful bursts of concentrated energy. He also knows the proper way of using the Casket of Ancient Winters and the Scepter with the mind stone. Last but not least, he knows certain secret pathways that connect the realms and universes.

Aside from the high intelligence and knowledge, the prince of Asgard shall definitely hold his own both in close but also in a long distant fight. The countless years of extensive training with several weapons and unarmed combat, has turned him into a deadly rival. With an incredibly accurate aim Loki may use with remarkable deftness the daggers and throwing knifes when the situation requires it while being adept in hand to hand combat, capable of defeating several enemies at once.

Special AbilitiesThe slimmer frame might originally give the impression of a weak person, still though, Loki's real nature expands his lifespan into thousands of years while the regenerative process happens in a rapid pace. Small wounds could heal within hours while major ones in a few days. The display of superhuman strength, exceeds the standards of a common individual by several times. Moreover, he is capable of enduring countless blows without suffering serious injuries, since bullets rebound against his skin and even Hulk's strikes have limited effect. The phenomenal stamina allows him to withstand, without particular difficulty, physical or mental exertion. Loki is exceptionally agile with extraordinary reflexes, managing to catch an arrow with his bare hands. Being a Frost Giant means that aside from the immunity to freezing temperatures, he can create and manipulate ice too.

Loki's field of expertise is sorcery because over centuries of practice he has mastered the art. Excelling at magic, made him brilliant in creating illusions and deceiving his opponents, earning fairly the title as the God of Mischief. He is capable of producing one or multiple copies of himself and change his outwards appearance in seconds at will. Up to a certain degree, his magic pierces into a person's mind. The aforementioned influence is enough to alter or shift the way people perceive specific things on each occasion, for example changing an entire scene and make an individual or objects invisible.

Apart from the defensive strategies, Loki may proceed into a full attack as well. The telekinetic skills enable him to move practically anything with the mere power of his mind. In addition, Loki is also capable of summoning bright beams of a bright green light out of thin air which are actually a congregate amount of concussive energy, forceful enough to smash through thick walls.

Secured on the back of Loki's belt is lying the Frost Dagger. Although the item is as light as a feather because of the Asgardian origin, it is quite durable and sturdy as well. The length is just 14.5 inches, yet, it can still become lethal with a single blow. The handle is created out of black re-enforced steel blended with iron, adorned with Nordic designs shaped out of pure gold while the double-edged sharpened blade is made of silver.

A set of throwing knives is also placed on the back of his belt. They are small, just over 6 inches long, light enough in order to travel with easy over great distances. Those weapons are made out of a combination of silver and steel with the blade staying sharp at both ends.

Moreover, Loki is currently in possession of the Gungnir, which is Odin's golden Spear. Despite looking golden, the weapon is actually forged out of Uru metal, resulting into its light weight and the sound that resembles Mjolnir which eventually serves as the perfect match to Thor's hammer. The ancient relic gifts its owner with Odinforce, which manifests either as an unparalleled destructive wave of energy or a very bright light, generating different levels of power depending on the occasion. It could knock a person back but to the fullest being able to give off an immense blast breaking through walls and instantly blowing a common human into pieces. Its wielder is granted with full authority over the Destroyer. The shaft is decorated with spiral lines and patterns but is has etched with Runes and Norse language too.

Even the God of Mischief has his own weaknesses. The liking of making an entrance while proceeding into grand gestures for the sake of display ostentatiously his superiority, appears to be of great significance. They are almost as important to him as the objective behind them itself. However, those theatrical deeds have the tendency of backfiring, leaving him quite vulnerable to an opponent's pursuit of retaliation. A conquerer would attack swiftly and destroy the enemies, but Loki takes pleasure in creating a chaos and gloating, perhaps because he gets easily bored.

The conceit, blending with his oversized ego consist Loki's most serious weaknesses, considering he has convinced himself of his superiority over the majority of foreign races, since no person is a worthy match for neither the unparalleled powers, nor his intelligence. Eventually the combination of over-confidence, narcissism and pride could result into his undoing, for those traits cloud frequently his better judgment. In addition, the prince of Asgard tends to underestimate virtually everyone he meets or fight.

While Loki's aging process is extremely slow and considered immortal, still his lifespan is not without end. He is not completely invincible, although it would require a lot of effort in order to defeat him. Last but not least, he is susceptible to magic attacks.


From a very young age, Loki's only desire was to be deemed Thor's equal, instead of living in his brother's shadow. After years of being continually depreciated by most of the Asgardians, of enduring playful provocations concerning his distinguishing characteristics such as the slimmer frame, the aforementioned wish gradually shifted into envy. Over the passage of time the bitterness slowly turned into an unspoken wrath which kept escalating. Although never admitting it, Loki had always yearned not to be discriminated from his older brother but simply receive the same favor and approval.

The hunger for power, the arrogance, viewing other races as lesser beings and the sense of entitlement, find their origin in the way Loki was raised. The trust upon his father's teachings, about the possibility of ascending to the throne of Asgard some day and being born to become a king, was suddenly crashed and the betrayal seemed unbearable. The parental love shuttered and he began doubting everything around him. Upon the disclosure of his true nature and the lies his entire life had been build upon, Loki felt deceived, ashamed of what he was and trapped into a carefully created illusion. However, he remains eager to prove himself. In the end, the belief arose regarding the fact that he actually deserved more than the fake chance of sitting on the throne, but really elevating himself from the mortals. He is convinced of his birth right to rule as a king, with the fulfillment of that particular destiny becoming his driving goal. Forgive and forget is hard for him, if not completely impossible.

Known also as the God of Mischief, Loki display qualities such as slyness and cunningness. The mischievous nature is often apparent with a playful attitude since he enjoys playing tricks whenever the circumstances allows it by utilizing his skills and purposefully fooling people. Even though a number of those ploys are done for simple fun, still more often the schemes emanate from an ulterior motive. Loki is farseeing and thinking over the details of his tactics, always staying several steps ahead of the opponent while having several alternative plans due to the speed of working onto multiple scenarios. Moreover, not only he might be extremely sarcastic but he is all about putting on a show and drawing attention.

Instead of hiding his abilities, Loki is unashamed and quite open about them with the overconfidence usually prevailing, leading into boldness. He does not easily take pity on others or show remorse but he is more than willing to manipulate situations and conversations, prepared to destroy anything or anyone standing in his path of achieving a goal. Loki is ruthless and far from loyal and a trustworthy ally, because he would proceed to the necessary actions which would ensure his own gain. He will turn against his friends or family, if there was a benefit out of such deeds. However, he could effortless put on the facade of a dependable ally, through which no one would be able to see.

Nevertheless, beneath the surface and the cruel behavior, the love for his family lingers which is also triggering an inner conflict. His bond with his mother is undeniable and very special to him. Perhaps she is the only person he would never betray. No matter how deeply his feelings run though, in the effort to thrive he would reach extreme lengths. He despise his heritage and lineage, sometimes to the point of hating himself for what he is. Loki becomes easily angered or withdrawn, especially when the subject involves emotional bonds and choosing to hide or mask his true feelings that are deemed to be weaknesses. Whereas denying being the Son of Odin, he still considers himself a Prince of Asgard rather than the heir of the Jotunheim.


Loki stands at 6'4" tall, slightly shorter and leaner than most Asgardians but with an equally well-build body. The raven black hair are falling up to his shoulders, usually kept slicked back and away from his face which emphasizes the somewhat receding hairline. His eyes are bright green with the piercing gaze radiating with power, danger and the hunger of a predator. Although his skin is pale white, it still possesses the potential of becoming blue and his eyes turning red under the touch of a Frost Giant which results from his heritage or upon coming in contact with very specific kind of relics from his homeland, for example the Casket of Ancient Winters.

As far as the styling preferences are concerned, the Prince of Asgard instantly claims attention. His uniform consists of different pieces. The black leather overcoat reaches his shins with its outer lines, lapels and part of the long sleeves being a royal, deep green fabric. A black tunic matches the black pants with the golden scale pattern and similar colored boots completes the attire. Over the tunic he often wears straps, holding in place the holsters for his daggers. The armor that covers the tunic during battles is made of pure gold and the vambrances are created of the same material along with the helmet which has two long horns in the front, slightly curved around the edge.

Despite he generally favors the proper outfit of a Prince, he can easily portrait a 'human' by using his clothing accordingly, in order to adjust to each environment or circumstances. However, he always adopts an aristocratic appearance. The set of a black wool coat, a tasteful plain black suit which is followed by a vest and a tie, is broken only by the white shirt and the scarf in dark green and white design.

Nevertheless, everything in his outwards appearance depends on the occasion because the power of illusion extends to such degree that Loki could effortlessly modify his own looks at will and change completely the way he is perceived in a mere instant. Therefore, the way he is dressed or looks like, might be entirely different from one moment to the next.


After his homeland's destruction, Loki was adopted by Odin and Frigga. His misshapen physique as a baby led his true parents to leave him for dead in the temple of the Jotuns. Odin could not resist and decided to spare him. Loki remained oblivious to those events during his childhood and teenage years. Even though he was raised as a real prince and Thor's brother, still the differences from the rest of the Asgardians lingered. The smaller frame separated him from the people he considered his kin and failed to fit in with his peers. Soon enough he realized he would never be perfect and abandoned the effort to meet the high standards his brother had set, disregarding intentionally the inherent flaws by exploring a new area where Thor showed absolutely no charisma. That was magic, a field where Loki shined. Instead of struggling to become physically stronger, he focused into alternative goals and perfected the practices of sorcery and illusions.

Throughout the years the jealousy for his older brother endured, if not increased and reached its peak when Loki learned about Thor's coronation. The mere purpose to spoil his brother's special day, led into a chain of events. The choice of granting free passage to several Jotuns into Asgard, who attempted to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters, triggered a war since Thor pursued the Frost Giant against Odin's forbiddance. Loki accompanied reluctantly his older brother, along with a small group, but not before sending a message to his father regarding Thor's impulsive plan. Upon arriving in Jotunheim a battle broke out with Loki stayed loyal to his brother and fighting together. He utilized the ability of creating illusions and used his daggers too, yet, a Frost Giand caught him off guard and grabbed his arm. The response was far from an injury since he witnessed his skin turning Jotun blue. Odin came shortly afterwards and ceased the confrontation, ensuring everyone's safe return on Asgard, while carrying Laufey's, the king of the Frost Giants himself, pledge for war.

Infuriated by Thor's disobedience, their father exiled his God of Thunder to Midgard. Due to the significant events that had transpired over the day, Loki settled his mind on the task of acquiring the Casket of Ancient Winters in order to test his flesh against it with his theory proved correct since his skin becoming blue and his eyes turned red. Odin tried to stop him unsuccessfully and finally revealed Loki's true parentage and justified his action by saying that Loki's adoption was a way to ensure the peace between the realms. However, the plan had failed after Thor's reckless deeds on the Jotunheim. Before having the chance to ask additional information and as a consequence of the recent stressful situations, his father fell into the Odinsleep. Standing by his father's beside he asked Frigga more about her origin but eventually Loki ascended to the throne and became King, crowned by his mother.

Benefiting from Thor's banishment, Loki traveled to Midgard and lied in order to avoid his brother's homecoming. Whereas both his mother and friends desired Thor's return, Loki acted for his own gain, claiming to Thor that their father had passed away while a truce was established with the Jotuns after agreeing on the term regarding his irrevocable banishment. Upon arriving back to Asgard, Loki bargained with Laufey, the King of the Frost Giants. He offered not only to disclose Odin's location which would allow the Jotun to assassinate the All-Father preventing his awakening and the throne's reclamation, but also to return the Casket. However, the entire deal was based upon one more scheme fabricated by Loki because when the Laufey appeared, Loki betrayed him and murdered him. Deep inside, Loki continued to consider himself Odin's son and yearned to make his father proud, even at the great expense of tricking and slaying his biological father in cold blood.

As the events progressed, the machination gave the impression of being successful, only for the plan to be crashed when Loki discovered Lady's Sif and the Warriors Three's treachery. His former allies had used the bridge connecting the realms in order to retrieve Thor but Loki summoned The Destroyer before commanding him to travel to Earth and wipe out the traitors along with his brother. Nevertheless, The Destroyer failed which resulted into Thor's returning in full power before coming back on Asgard. The brothers entered a battle as a consequence of Loki's plan to ruin completely the Jotuns and Thor's attempts to protect the race. Odin rose from his sleep and disapproved Loki's actions. In the end of the combat, Loki chose to fall into the abyss.

His family presumed the prince had met his demise after the Wormhole had ssemingly consumed him, yet, the assumption was far from truth. Away from Asgard, Loki had the opportunity to slowly prepare his revenge. In a place were neither humans, nor Asgardians reached, new alliances came into existence with Thanos and The Other. Loki was gifted with both a powerful weapon, a golden Scepter with a blue gem, but also an army of Chitauri. At the same time he was burdened with the mission to obtain the Tesseract. Soon Loki fixed his mind upon the task of conquering Earth, the planet under Thor's protection, since it looked like the perfect chance to wound his brother. Through a portal between the wolds, Loki managed to infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D.'s highly secured location, accomplished to steal the Tesseract before hypnotizing Hawkeye and Dr. Selvig's and finally escaping.

After a mental communication with The Other, who warned him about the painful aftermath of a possible failure, Loki disturbed a gala by causing a small chaos with his brutal actions. The ultimate objective was to provide Hawkeye and some other servants with a clear passage and the chance to take hold of the Iridium, a very unique element that would stabilize a doorway connecting the worlds. Surrendering a public square with a number of his copies, on his demand the trapped civilians knelt in front of their newly proclaimed ruler and he bragged about his superiority. His speech and grant introduction got interrupted by Captain America's, Black Widow's, and Iron Man's entrance. They achieved to briefly apprehend him before Thor took him away. At first, the God of Thunder made an effort to convince Loki to return to Asgard but then commanded him to give up the Tesseract. Loki simply stood and observed as the mighty heroes started fighting about his fate and the cube that was not even in his possession at the time. Finally he intentionally accepted his imprisonment.

Loki lived up to his legend because every single thing that he did or endured, proved to be a tiny piece of a bigger puzzle. The God's of Mischief challenged the wits of his captors, engaging into a mind game that was meant to influence the whole Avengers's team. He gloated over his knowledge regarding the Tesseract's power, tried to intimidate the Black Widow, manipulated his older brother and killed agents before eventually fleeing form his confinement. Shortly afterwards a battle for Earth began since he opened a portal and allowed the Chitauri army into Earth, yet, the Avengers deterred him from accomplishing victory. Broken and defeated, Loki got captured once again and returned to Asgard where he faced his trial and punishment. The verdict was to spend the rest of his days in the palace's dungeons.

A year passed, during which the cells around him got filled with prisoners and Frigga never ceased to visit him. When a number of prisoners broke free, he instructed a Dark Elf to the exit. Later on, he was informed about Frigga's death during the attack. Overwhelmed by grief, he smashed everything in his cell as wrath took the better of him. In the day to come, Thor ignored Odin's protests on the plan to pursuit Malekith and save Jane Foster, finally requesting Loki's aid in the endeavor to vanquish the new rival. Realizing the desperation motivating his brother, Loki agreed to assist him due to the combinations of possessed knowledge, not only about the enemy's whereabouts but also the hidden paths bounding the realms together. Loki's mocking behavior endured through multiple diversions strategies, several life threats from Lady Sif and the Warriors Three about double-crossing Thor, a slap from a mortal, a chase in the air of Asgard and the lack of trust between the brothers. Overcoming all obstacles, he transported the ship with Jane and Thor away from Asgard.

Upon arriving at their destination, Svartalfheim, Loki seemingly deceived Thor since for a short amount of time he turned against his older brother while declaring himself as Asgard's enemy and Malekith's ally. Nonetheless, his course of action was in fact a premeditated scenario with Thor's and Jane's willing participation. In the ensuing battle, Loki wielded his magic by creating illusions of a severely injured Thor and fought bravely with his daggers against several Dark Elves. During the effort to save Thor from the Kursed monster, Loki got stabbed and died in Thor's hands. After Thor's and Jane's departure, the God of Mischief stopped pretending, as he had actually survived.

The Einherjar Guards appeared shortly afterwards and he did not miss the chance to disguise as one of them before returning to Asgard and reporting himself to the All-Father regarding Loki's retrieved lifeless body. Withough further ado, Loki exploited his talent in sorcery and successfully trapped Odin, finally ascending to his rightful place upon the throne of Asgard. Behind Odin's mask, Loki had a brief conversation with Thor. The God of Thunder abdicated the throne in honor of his brother's sacrifice. Although Thor was prepared to give up Mjolnir, Loki acknowledged that he could never be worthy of lifting the hammer, therefore, he refused to take it. As Thor left a wicked smile crossed Loki's lips, who dropped the illusions and it was then that the black veins pulled into Pandora.


The war against Malekith was finally over with the Aether staying hidden, away from all those who craved and sought to abuse its power. Once again peace had been successfully preserved amongst the Nine Realms. However, during the confrontation with the Dark Elves a golden opportunity had appeared for the God of Mischief and a scheme had been set in motion. Loki had already prepared a plan but this was beginning to seem almost too easy.

Remaining true to his word, the dishonored prince fought bravely the enemy. Although, his purpose gave the impression of involving the revenge for his mother's murder, he also had a secret strategy of ensuring the long desired freedom. In the end, fate had allow him to accomplish much more than the original plans by faking his death in the battle. Upon fooling Thor, the rest simply fell into place like small pieces of a huge puzzle, with the scheme just starting to take shape.

Shortly after his older brother left his seemingly lifeless body behind, the Einherjar Guards had arrived. Without delay they checked him for vital signs or any indication that he could be saved. When they confirmed his death one of the two guards left in order to make the preparation for the body's transportation. Proving his title as the master of tricks, Loki killed ruthlessly one of the guard before impersonating him. The bright green eyes shimmered in the thought of what it was to follow.

Under a perfectly disguise the gates of Asgard opened widely and Loki soon found himself informing Odin about the fallen prince's death. Beyond the mask of calmness, Loki kept smiling on the inside because he was actually watching the All-Father falling for ever single word that came out of his mouth. While offering a believable story about the events that had transpired, he had already thought of the last part of his plan.

Using his talent in magic, Loki trapped Odin before finally taking his rightful place upon the throne of Asgard. Behind the mask of Odin, Loki had a small discussion with Thor where the God of Thunder refused the throne in honor of Loki's sacrifice. How could his brother be so blind? Even though Thor was willing to give up Mjolnir, Loki knew he would never be able to lift the hammer and a wrong decision could cause his downfall. So he refused to take the hammer as long as Thor was worthy of it.

Thor thanked his 'fake' father before leaving and Loki eventually reverted to his real form with a wicked smirk curling the corner of his lips, for he had triumphed over the people who had doubted him. “No. Thank you.” The deep voice was a whisper. Nevertheless, the victory was short lived because black veins appeared out of nowhere, entangling around his feet and pulling him away for the palace. Before he had the chance to fight against them, blackness enveloped him.

Seconds later Loki opened his eyes. He was still sitting on the golden throne, yet, not in the palace but in front of a foreign ocean. His pale lips parted slightly in a combination of surprise and intense contemplation while his eyes narrowed somewhat as he took in his surroundings.
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Great app Lamelian! Loki is probably gonna be really angry when he realizes that he can't get out of this place. You know what to do next! :D
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