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Private Let's Talk About Commerce

Cyrus Albright

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February 13th

Commerce was the lifeblood of a civilization. One couldn't sustain themselves without money and the goods to spend it on. Some might think of it as a sad reality, but one couldn't deny that money had a strong grip on humanity as a whole, one that was unlikely to loosen up anytime soon. If nothing else, it was likely to only get tighter, especially when the economy was left at the hands of those with wicked intentions. Of course, there were plenty of perfectly moral individuals who happened to be merchants; he had met one of those during his travels and, in fact, had learned quite a bit about the merchant's trade from her, despite her young age.

Perhaps it was that sense of familiarity that drew Cyrus more towards the Mercantile Coterie than the others. That wasn't to say he wasn't going to be paying all of the others a visit, mind, he had to be very through in order to acquire as much information as he could, but the mercantile sector seemed like the ideal place to start. He had already paid the assistant governor a visit and learned about the more general status of Cascade Bay, so now it was time for him to learn some more specific details.

Again, those in charge had very little time to spare for a no-name scholar like him, but there were others that were more willing to talk to him. This time, it was the chief's secretary, which might seem underwhelming at a first glance, but Cyrus had previously learned that this secretary also ran his own trading company, meaning he might possibly be even more knowleable about his trade than the chief. Wouldn't have been the first time Cyrus would have dealt with such a thing, especially when he wasn't able to uncover much information about the man.

Having arranged a meeting the day before, Cyrus stepped into the mercantile cotterie and waited for this mysterious Sinbad fellow to make his appearance.

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He could still vividly remember the time when he believed that merchants held all the power in the form of money. Their trades moved the world, or so he thought. The years have stripped him of such nativity, yet there was still a truth of kernel within the innocent belief. Money held a special sort of power over humanity, a fact that doesn't change regardless of the world. Greed, desire, envy, such were all parts of the human condition.

After his summon to Pandora, he had returned to the life of a merchant. It had been an easy transition, given his years of practice in his own world. The Merchant Coterie saw promise in his silky words and sound ideas, earning him a foot through the front door. Within months, he established himself not only as its secretary but the owner of his own trading guild - the Sindria Trading Company. It was still in its infancy in Cascade Bay, but he had high hopes for his business.

While he was relatively minor when it came to reputation in the Crystal Vales (for now), he was already making a name for himself when it came to the business field. A young entrepreneur in his twenties (if only they knew) willing to talk to anyone and everyone. He had contacts within the Scholar Coterie in order to dig up information prevalent to his trades, nor has Sinbad shied away from the shadier prospectors who had approached him.

Today it was Cyrus Albright. He had little information to go off the man aside from the fact that he was a curious scholar. Their correspondence had been short and sweet since they merely set up the details of their meeting. He didn't have much to speculate on the man, but nevertheless he was excited to see what he to converse with him over.

Right on the dot, he appeared in the waiting room of the coterie, spotting Cyrus waiting patiently. Given there were no others, he approached the man with an air of confidence. "Mr. Albright? It's a pleasure to meet you," he extended his hand forwards, and if given, shook Cyrus's with a firm grip. "I am Sinbad, the secretary of the Merchant Coterie. How may I help you today?"

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