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Private Light in the dark

Jason Todd

DC Universe
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27th August, Y.109
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It was early, but short of being knocked out Jason could not sleep, every time he closed his eyes he could see it again, the zombies, Tanaquil, the sound of his gun, the feel of its kickback in his hand. It was all so vivid, he could not sleep so instead he'd taken to pacing around Bruce's home, where the older man had brought him upon finding him. He knew the other had brought him here for fear of what he might do if he were alone, which was fair since the only thing keeping him going in that moment was the fact his family needed him, they'd already lost so much they wished for him not to add to it.

Unable to lie there any longer Jason had got up and forced himself to have a shower just for something to do, but it was in the shower that he came across the rumour that he'd heard and buried deep, not believing it. He remembered tales of Valhalla, where the dead might be taken before being returned and uncontrolled a spike of hope erupted in his heart, he knew he should try to stop it because he didn't know what he'd do if it didn't happen. He'd stumbled out the shower thrown on a pair of jeans, a loose t-shirt and his favourite red hoodie, then without really thinking about what he was doing he had written a brief note explaining where he was going to Bruce before he'd slipped out.

Jason was desperate and he knew it, but in this moment he didn't care, he needed her, he needed to be at the apartment in case his wild hope turned out to be something more than wild desperation. He ran most of the way, not caring that his body screamed with exhaustion, not caring that to all those he passed he looked like death,scratched and bruised from his escape from the zombies. Bruised from the punch to the face he'd taken from Bruce, dark circles around his eyes from now two nights without any sleep which had aided his sickly pale look making him look much like a panda. It was with shaking hands he unlocked the block of apartments front door and then he was climbing the stairs, his pace slowing dramatically as a sudden fear began to well up inside of him.

There was a high chance that this was going to end in disaster, what am I going to do if there was no one there? What am I going to do if she never comes? He was close to hyperventilating by the time he made it to their front door, he felt sick and now he was standing there holding his door key in his hand, ice blue gaze on the lock. But he could not bring himself to put the key in the lock as he now thought Perhaps this was a bad idea... His hand started to lower crushing his keys against his palm, when distantly he thought he heard a voice and movement beyond the door. In that moment he forgot to breath, his thoughts telling him he was hearing things and yet he had to know, so the hand came up, the key was in the lock. It was turning, there was a click and the door was swinging open.​
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Her first death had been unpleasant but this last one had been worse. Pain unrelenting, until Jason's merciful shot had ended things and let her pass on. She'd cried and screamed for fear for losing him. The agony on his face- that she'd die and never see him, and that he'd die if he didn't go now and use this chance, or might die anyway. Frustrating, saddening, and scary- but the fact that after the pain she felt at all meant she was still something that could think. Valhalla had taken her.

At the her time there she'd tried to force them to take her back earlier. No such luck. Another hour of fuming, before realizing that there was no point. When she gathered her senses she could be useful to Jason if he was still alive. Who knew if he'd gotten away, or off the trail. Maybe another wagon had picked him up, or he'd ended up stuck somewhere. If only she could see it, she'd know. So she had a drink or two, and saw the sun for the first bit in years, letting the novelty give the illusion of time passing quickly.

The Valkyrie could not be rushed, so she waited with her winsome, sarcastic smile, gritting her teeth behind it with desperation to go home rising. Her turn came and she was quick with her answer, giving the address of her home and halfway jumped from them as they arrived, rushing to her door with a distracted 'thank you' thrown over her shoulder. Then she was inside, calling for Jason, for Peeve, for anyone, and locking the door behind her by habit.

Silence; she'd been worried about that. Pulling out her phone she started texting madly, but no answer there either. What then? Surely they weren't planning her funeral; they'd made arrangements for this after the Calamity- but maybe so, if her beloved was lost in despair and guilt and grief. She squeezed her eyes tightly and bit her lip. No, this was not going to happen. He'd come here and remember, or she'd find him, and hopefully before he was too hurt to ever forgive her. The workshop had everything she hadn't taken on the trail which could be useful for a trip; pulling out her lesser, secondary satchel she started to pack.

Then it was the waiting game. Watch the Trail on TV, see if Jay had found a way to victory with another group- it didn't seem so. Text again. Wait. If she hadn't been a vampire her teeth would have been ground down to nothing as she scraped them against each other in frustration. Giving up, she went back into her workroom to check on things, open a window for Peeve, and pace, hyper-aware of everything around her and disliking the emptiness of it all. When would he reply? Would he? She didn't like being afraid of that possible answer.

A scrape of a key against the lock caught her ear, as it had every time the neighbors had come and gone- but this one was here, not there. Whipping around she started for the front room once again. Once she would have held back her shout, lest it embarrass her later, but not now. "Jason?!" she called out as the door came in sight, swinging open, the figure behind it as yet unseen.
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