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Private like a strand in the wind

Misty Day

American Horror Story
Crystal Vales
Mid 20s
Neutral Good
Relationship Status
Married to Cordelia Goode

February 19th
@Xiao Xingchen

Misty always enjoyed venturing beyond the concrete and pollution of the cities and towns; nature was where she felt most at home. The fields here went on for miles, and she breathed in the fresh air with a smile. Even though spring still hadn’t shown her face yet, the witch was wearing a brown hat with a wide brim, a simple red dress shifting around her ankles as she walked with her basket. In it were a humdrum assortment of gardening tools; one of her favourite pastimes since getting here was to care for the wild plants – some of them were so neglected, it was a damn shame others didn’t appreciate God’s gifts.

She had seen the white creature from afar – struggling to breathe, a red gash on its side. When it was well, it looked like it would be proud animal, so to see it like this made both Misty sad and angry. She wished she could have caught who’d done this, but right now, tending to it was the most important thing.

“There, now,” Misty softly greeted the animal, which huffed and tried in vain to move away from her. “No, no, don’t move, you’ll make it worse.” She stroked the top of its head, not at all bothered that it might hurt her. Her hands slowly moved to around the wound, and the creature stiffened, but relaxed as the witch worked her magic.

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