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Hi friends its me I HAVE A SUGGESTION

I know ppl are working in lore stuff which is great bc the favorite thing about pandora for me aside from the cool characters and the awesome writers IS THE LORE. its what makes Pandora so special. One persistent issue for me throughout the years has been that people do stuff in Pandora, but i don't know them, bc its hard to read everyones threads, so i cant reference them, even if my characters might live in the same town that is know for something important, like that the most famous adult shop in Oakheart has been run by a guy named Voldemort. It's like... everyone knows about Tony Stark's inventions, but what else is a constant piece of the lore in Pandora characters have done? THIS IS STUFF I WANNA REFERENCE. and vice versa, ppl dont know what my people have done, that stuck around.

while in places like Ark City, Elysium and Pandopolis, its logical for certain events to go unnoticed bc so many things are happening, in smaller places, everything is a big deal, from a new road to the official flag of the community. thats why i would like to propose a feature/sign up/thingy where players can submit itty bitty pieces of lore their characters have made possible that dont warrant the need of ic announcement, as we have the current events section for that. plus this is gonna be used for de facto things that are unlikely to change unless some intervention happens; norms and stables that are bound to happen even in a world as ever changing as Pandora while current events are stuff that are happening ... currently. this won't include things that are temporary, such as temporary fights or business opening, because pandora is weird and it changes all the time. but there are some constants, there are traditions, there are yearly events, there are cultural norms, I, and maybe others, would like to know about. something like idk

area: Aetheria
piece of lore: Traditionally, Aetheria has had terrible diplomatic relationships with Cascade Bay, as Cascade Bay has never invited officials from Aetheria to their Crystal Vales meetings

people are not obligated to reference these pieces, but its generally a nice thing to do, plus it gives the option to accomplish something in pandora that will stick around(for as long as its possible. people can be given the opportunity to remove the information if its not valid anymore). i have no idea if this thing is feasible or wanted, but its something thats nice, i think.

those are my thots, in any case! if it can't be done, it's no problem!!!​
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