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Love potion AU (signups!)


Moonlit Dream

So I decided to make an AU based on one of my suggestions in the suggestion board... the love potion AU!
Basically the story is, one of the characters gets slipped a love potion, and the next character they see they'll fall in love with.
People in the AU can be the 'victim', the 'love interest', or just random passerbys who could possibly try to intervene if things get... interesting. How your characters act, no matter the role they take, is up to you! Will the passerby try to intervene or laugh at the poor love interest's suffering even if they call for help? Will the 'victim' of the love potion be all shy about it, or will they be totally up-front?
No matter what happens, things could get interesting...

[b]Character name:
Role:[/b] (victim, love interest or passerby? If unsure, just put passerby and it will be decided in the AU itself. There may be multiple victims/love interests... If you think of your own role, feel free to put that, too!)
[b]Ideas:[/b] (optional; may be used to brainstorm ideas of how they will act in their role or just give a small summary of their personality if it's needed)

Cast so far:

Character name: Kurou
Role: Passerby (currently)
Ideas: Kurou's a flirt, but he makes a fool of himself when he's in love... as a passerby he'd probably be that one guy wolf-whistling in the crowd or just going going "awwww!" every two seconds.

Thane Krios

This is far too entertaining to pass up, so

Character name: Thane Krios
Role: That one sane person who wasn't drugged by love potions and is stuck watching everything happen and going "|8 why"
Ideas: NONE AT THE MOMENT i'll get back to you on that

Kevin Price


Character name: Kevin Price
Role: Victim (Could also serve as love interest if role needs to be filled, but victim is first choice)
Ideas: Kevin has just recently come to the suspicion that he might be a bit bicurious (he's actually bisexual, but he definitely isn't accepting it quite yet) and he's been making an active effort to ignore those little feelings, so it might be fun to have his object of affection be another male. Of course, women are welcome too, but I thought I'd note that as a possibility. Also, Kevin is a Mormon missionary with absolutely zero experience with love, flirting, or anything else of the type, so expect him to be a completely awkward dork with his advances. He's gonna try to play it cool, but he's totally going to fail and just make a fool of himself. Play with that as you will. ;)


Character name: Jacket
Role: Love interest why the hell not!!
Ideas: Jacket will... freak? He'll just have literally no idea how to react and that is the fun. Murder will certainly come to mind on multiple occasions but I swear he's not actually gonna kill anyone.

Moonlit Dream

Woah, this got some attention! Looking great so far!

Also, I was thinking... wouldn't it be fun to have multiple victims and for them to fight over one love interest? *evil smirk*


AT THAT POINT Jacket will need a shitton of restraint to avoid killing everyone. 8D Any volunteers?

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