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News Article (m) HYDRA Happenings Headed By Hometown Hero


21st of May+

Content Warning

[a video, clearly filmed on a shaky mobile phone camera, showing Steve Rogers, in full Captain America regalia, leading a HYDRA recruitment rally]

HYDRA. A ghost of a criminal organization, one that's been mostly quiet since the Calamity. This video, along with information on HYDRA itself, and Steve Rogers, was sent to us anonymously. Considering what HYDRA was known to do, back when it was still active, it is understandable.

For those new to Pandora, HYDRA is a criminal organization seemingly native to one of the many worlds Pandora's citizens are pulled from. Allegedly, it began as a science division linked to a wannabe dictator, before growing into something more dangerous. In Pandora, it has been linked to murder, assassination, drug dealing and human trafficking. However, it was thought mostly dead.

Until now.

Under its new leader, the HYDRA presented in the video seems to be growing in power and influence. And who is its new leader?

No one less that Steve Rogers, a man that, in his home world, was renowned for fighting against HYDRA, and venerated as a superhero. In Pandora, previous iterations of Steve Rogers have been linked to Daye Investigations, Sword and Shield Private Security, and licensed vigilantism. It's unclear what led him to take over a noted criminal organization, but one thing is known.

Either way, this HYDRA isn't going to be the one Pandora is used to.

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