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January 1, Y109

@Cipher Nine & @Meetra Surik

You and your partner have woken up handcuffed together in a dimly lit space vaguely resembling a hotel room, with a bed and basic furnishings present, yet the door is shut and the only light seems a flickering lamp, and you are stuck on the floor. Neither one of you remembers what exactly happened the day/night before, or how you got where you are now. Do you know each other? Maybe, maybe not. But it doesn't matter now. All that matters is figuring out how to work together to get free of this situation, and continuing on with your lives.

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THE MUSE IS BACK!!! kind of. it's a process alsjfhalsjfhjasf. older threads are coming to me as a bit of a struggle, but i don't plan on dropping things. ♥ that said, if any of my partners are not feeling old things, now is definitely the opportunity to let me know and we can do something brandy new instead!

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