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Private [Magic Hat] just handcuffed to a dragon nbd


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January 21, Y109

@Paarthurnax & @Keith Kogane

You and your partner have woken up handcuffed together in a dimly lit space vaguely resembling a hotel room, with a bed and basic furnishings present, yet the door is shut and the only light seems a flickering lamp, and you are stuck on the floor. Neither one of you remembers what exactly happened the day/night before, or how you got where you are now. Do you know each other? Maybe, maybe not. But it doesn't matter now. All that matters is figuring out how to work together to get free of this situation, and continuing on with your lives.

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Keith Kogane

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No matter how deeply a person might have been asleep, all it took was one shock -- the right shock -- and suddenly everything was thrown into sharp relief. There was no concept of how much time had passed. No recollection of how he had ended up here. Just Keith going from slumped up against a firm shape, to jolting upright.

It was the unfamiliar surroundings -- the faded floral pattern upon the walls and the ragged, off-white rug beneath him that drew his attention first. Nothing like home or work and certainly none of the ships that Keith found himself on.

But all of that was only the tip of the iceberg. Oh no, what truly drove it home was the sensation of something breathing against him. The rise and fall of a scaled back, that rush of air through nostrils. Keith pulled sharply back, nearly tumbling over. Except his arm caught, stopping him fast in his tracks. And for a moment, as his eyes darted from the dragon (because yes, that looked like a damn dragon) to the metal cuffs locking his wrist to the spine of the dragon's wing.

Heart beating wildly in his chest, Keith's free hand reached back and, by some blessing, found his blade's sheath still clipped to the back of his belt. His fingers curled around the weapon and slid it slowly free. No paladin armor, no bayard, no more defense than the clothes on his back all while handcuffed to a dragon. But he had this at least.

Keith shifted to his knees, trying to move quietly enough to not disturb the beast. And with his eyes darting nervously up every now and then, he dug the tip of his dagger into the lock of the handcuff, trying -- and failing -- to jimmy it open. ​
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Paarthurnax had never really slept before. Meditation was one thing, but fully losing consciousness was another. He wasn't even aware if he could, since he never thought to try. There was just more use in staying awake to think, even when he stayed in place for years on end.

So, when he first woke up in the cramped room, he was beyond confused. Just the sensation of waking up was unfamiliar, so the odd situation only added to the disorientation. At first, he didn't even move, simply held still until something made sense.

The soft clinking of metal on metal brought his attention over to his side, which revealed another surprise. A human, with some sort of device on his arm. Paarthurnax followed the chain attached to him, surprised to see it ended on his own wing. Someone had gone to the trouble to make a chain strong enough to hold a dragon, and small enough to not completely encumber a human.

There were enough questions to keep every student he'd ever taught wondering for years, but the only person to ask was busy trying to unlock them. Given the ferocity he moved with and the looks sent his way every once in a while, he could only assume the thoughts going through the human's head.

"I have not been this confused before in my many years," he confessed, keeping his voice down so it would not echo around the small room, "I hope if you manage to release yourself, you would assist with this, joor." He shifted his wing enough to bring attention to the cuff on himself, though given how squished he was to fit in the room, he didn't manage much other than a little shake.

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