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On the misty morning in Heavenfell, City Guard automatons were called upon and secured a crime scene. Former Swedish police rookie Kurt Wallander who joined the Heavenfell City Guard recently, was dispatched to the location. Two bodies were found at the alley of Nexus and they were murdered in cold blood, one of them was Merissa, a city guard of Heavenfell and a close friend to Kurt. Despite that, it did not stop Kurt from doing his duty. When he checked the second body for identification, it turned out that the dead man was not a local of Heavenfell and even worse, he was a member of Tower Hill City Watch Division from Pandopolis.

At the same time, a merchant caravan which was heading to Heavenfell was ambushed outskirts of Cascade Bay, none of the guards or merchants were survived the attack. Cascade Bay soldiers and Merchant Coterie founded disturbing evidence on the ambush site, they found empty shell casings and magazines. After that, another caravan was ambushed with the same modus operandi in another location and yet no one survived the attack.

In Pandapolis, a few best City Watch officers was called to an emergency meeting in the headquarters in Tower Hill. The headquarters lost contact with one of their own during his assignment to investigate a secretive and risky case in Heavenfell; a shipment of weapons and ammunition were stolen from the City Watch armoury and there was a mole within the force. The officers later received news that the missing officer was founded dead in Heavenfell and they decided to head there to investigate the case. They also believed that the missing weapons was used by someone or some group in Crystal Vales.

Some group or someone got audacity to robbed caravans and murdered merchants with modern weapons and it implied that they had no fear against the law of Crystal Vales, the murder of two law enforcement officers from different realms remained in mystery and questionable motives. Both Heavenfell City Guard and Pandopolis City Watch decided to work together to investigate the murder of their colleagues but tension between them slightly flared as City Watch refused to reveal the reason why their late colleague was in Heavenfell. Not just acted as an investigator, Wallander became a liaison to the two law enforcement forces to prevent any rift between them.

Now, the time is ticking and the game of cat and mouse begins.

There's goes my plot! Feel free to discuss or giving ideas here!

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