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milk's emporium of graphical needs


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milk's emporium

of graphical needs

AboutI opened Photoshop for the first time when I was 14. Now I literally make a living off of it at my Place of Work™. I do photo manipulations, logos, etc. I'm trying to do more with my life outside of work, writing, and video games - so taking free commissions from y'all for graphics will...sort of...count? Maybe? I'm counting it.

RulesLet me preface this with my rules are sort of strict, and might put you off of asking me for a graphic. That's alright, and I won't hold it against you at all. It's just my work, and this is how to handle it to allow me to feel comfortable with you guys using it.

  • For use on Pandora only
    • If you have interest in using it off site, talk to me first.
  • Don't repost it anywhere else (tumblr, twitter, etc)
  • Don't edit the work after. The only time that's alright is a different cropping of an avatar.
    • If it needs edits, I'll do up to 3 revisions (y'all get the same treatment as my clients)
    • If you want to add text or something to a gif after, tell me first and still credit me for the base gif.
  • For ease, please use [url=URL HERE]name of link[/url] when linking images
  • Credit me! For Avatars & other graphics I will get mad if you don't. With gifs it's like??? Optional. It's basically just me running it through a program so I'm not gonna be bothered at all. Examples of what to use below

note: feel free to stylize these however

avatar by @milk
[center][size=1]avatar by @milk[/size][/center]

gifs by @milk
[center][size=1]gifs by @milk[/size][/center]

graphic by @milk
[center][size=]graphic by @milk[/size][/center]

AvatarsBasically I'll take an image and manipulate it to whatever you want. What you get in the end is normally a larger-than-avatar sized image, plus two actually avatar crops - so you can change up my crop choices if you want. This is essentially for pasting a head onto a different body, changing little details (hair color, eye color, adding freckles, etc), or all the above.

  • This isn't just for cropping art or removing a watermark, this is for intense graphic manipulations only
  • A real life face claim is required.
  • I ask for you to provide images because that takes up way more time then you'd realize

Face Claim: Required
Links of Potential Face Images: If there's just one image I'm making alterations to, link here. But give me a pile of faces to work with if it's not just one image. Lighting and angles make some not workable. Bigger is better.
Links to Potential Clothing Images: If I'm pasting a head on another body, supply said bodies. Again, more is better.
Links to Potential Background Images: If I'm putting all of this on a different background, show me what you'd like.
Edits/Alterations: Different color eyes, hair, tattoos, pointed ears, ANYTHING

[h=7]Avatar Pwease[/h]
[b]Face Claim:
Links of Potential Face Images:
Links to Potential Clothing Images:
Links to Potential Background Images:

GifsAs a starting point, I don't gif small. If you ask for a gif from me, the file size will be stupid, but it'll be Smooth As Fuck™. I always host with imgur which doesn't care about file size, so it's no problem. If you want a file size that's on the smaller end of things, give me a max size. But...I'd prefer not to be limited tbh.

Link to Video: YouTube is easy to rip from so I prefer that. Anything embedded in a site gets tricky, so I may end up @ing you to say find a different one
Time Stamps: When you want the gifs taken from. If you want them broken into specific segments, please list them. Shorter is better in this case. I cap the amount of gifs per slot to 4, so keep that in mind.
Gif Dimensions: Use pixels, and don't say 'whatever'.
Anything Else: If you have a size limit you want for whatever reason, list it here. The only thing I'll add to a gif outside of making it is text. If you want some text, please list the font, placement, and style/color. There's a million free font sites out there - here is dafont to make it easy. Again, don't say 'whatever' when it comes to text styles, because I don't want to spend forever on this.

[h=7]Gif Pwease[/h]
[b]Link to Video:
Time Stamps:
Gif Dimensions:
Anything Else:[/b]

OtherSo there's other stuff that exists graphic-wise. Posters, logos, etc. I will say I'm not a fan of making sigs in a traditional sense. Like a fancy graphic with layers and text and blah blah blah. I'll leave that to other people. But if you're like making a business on Pandora and want a logo, I'll hook you up. If you're making an event and want a poster - I can do that.

Type of/Use of Graphic: What exactly are you using this for?
Graphic Dimensions: In pixels - don't say whatever.
Details (go nuts): I need as much as physically possible in this part. Supplied examples of what you like, images you want me to use, etc. More is better. I reserve the right to bother you for more information.

[h=7]Other Graphic Pwease[/h]
[b]Type of/Use of Graphic:
Graphic Dimensions:
Details (go nuts):[/b]

SlotsSince I work a ton and am a generally busy person, I'll only open 3 slots when I feel like it. I don't separate slots based on what you're asking for. Aka I don't open like "3 gif slots". It all takes up time, so I lump it together.

I'll generally try to turn it around in a week, but it'll probably take closer to month if things get crazy in life.
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