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Morpheus Drops


Leaning Towards Obedience

Morpheus Drops

There's a whole other level to Pandora that many of the realm's denizens can go their whole stay in the box without ever discovering. I'm speaking, of course, about the Otherworld. As a metaphysical plane of existence that is typically only entered through supernatural means or dreams, the average person doesn't ever get to consciously experience it. But with the recent spread of a strange new drug of magical origin, that's soon to change! Morpheus Drops physically transport those who ingest them into the World of Dreams inside the Otherworld!

Production, Procurement, Varieties

The exact formula for creating Morpheus Drops is a closely guarded secret of the group that produces them. What is known for sure is that all its active ingredients are physically identical to various natural products, such as honey and peppermint, but magically speaking are very active. The origin of these magically charged ingredients is unknown, though it's commonly believed that most, if not all, of the components come from the Crystal Vales, if only because the drug can most easily be found in that region.

Each drop is a small blue gel capsule approximately half an inch in diameter. The pill itself is odorless and the flavor is vaguely reminiscent of chamomile tea. Anyone capable of detecting magic would be able to tell that there is a lot of energy inside each capsule.

Depending on where one goes, the experience of procuring Morpheus Drops can vary. In the Dread Wastes they are a valuable commodity for bartering, as the effects make them a wonderful form of escapism for those who live in the region. In Centria the drug is hard to find, as the regional balance of the area counteracts the popularity of such an overtly magical pill. For similar reasons, Morpheus Drops don't even work in the Cosmic Wilderness, as the magic enabling them is too complex for the region's restrictions on the arcane. Those living in the Crystal Vales will have the easiest time obtaining a dose, as the medicine is very widely spread throughout the Vales. In Pandopolis, the drops have a modest amount of popularity.

Though it isn't illegal to own, sell, or use Morpheus Drops, there exists two variants of the drug that are banned. The first type are faulty products, known as Epiales Drops, which are often made by people attempting to replicate the drug or through simple rare impurities in a legitimately acquired capsule. The exact effect of such a pill will be elaborated on later. The second type of illegal variant are modified pills made by magical specialists that, instead of bringing you into a dream of your own, will let a user invade someone else's dream. These are colloquially known as "Roulette Drops" because the dream you're transported to is random.


To use a Morpheus Drop, one needs to ingest a minimum of one capsule. Any less than one capsule will have no effect on a person. After ingestion, the user has to wait approximately ten minutes for the magic to take hold of them. It is recommended that one uses this time to lie down and get comfortable.

Once enough time has passed, the one who ingested the Morpheus Drop, who will now be referred to as the dreamer, will vanish along with anything they were wearing and carrying. At this moment, the dreamer will feel a hypnic jerk. They will now be physically inside of a dream.

In the realm of this dream, anything a person imagines can come into existence. The only real limit on the possibilities is the dreamer's creativity. Since the dreamer's body is physically inside of this world, rather than it simply being a projection of their mind, anything that happens to the body there, such as wounds, will persist. Of course, since the dreamer has full control over the surroundings, the odds of anything serious occurring is slim. The effect of the Morpheus Drops ends after two hours, with an additional two hours added for every extra capsule consumed. There is no way to end it early. After the drug wears off, the dreamer's body reappears in a safe position close to where they originally vanished. The dreamer will feel as if they had slept peacefully for whatever amount of time they were gone.

If multiple people consume Morpheus Drops in the span of a few minutes and are within fifty feet from each other, they will be sent to a shared dream world. All affected dreamers can interact with the world as normal, and can interact with each other freely.


Morpheus Drops are not inherently addictive. Because they function through entirely magical methods, those who take them won't directly develop a dependence on them. However, for those with a tendency towards escapism, the dreamworld can be enticing enough that a strong psychological addiction can form. In some extreme cases, individuals might ingest enough pills to stay inside of a dream for days at a time.

Epiales Drops

When problems occur during the production of Morpheus Drops, one of two outcomes can occur. Either the pill won't have any effect, or it will become an Epiales Drop. Indistinguishable physically from the normal variety, these flawed drugs will drop the dreamer into a nightmare. Instead of going to a dreamworld that they can control, the landscape is a twisted one that is shaped by the dreamer's own fears and insecurities. While the world won't necessarily be dangerous, at least half of the people who have such an experience end up with some injuries, and a smaller portion end up dying.

If someone dies inside the nightmare, their body instantly appears back in the real world. Physically it would appear as if someone killed them in their sleep, and without a witness or a magic specialist's assistance it would be almost impossible to know for sure if it was murder or the work of an Epiales Drop.

Of course, faulty capsules are very rare. The quality control is amazing, so the odds of accidentally entering a nightmare are incredibly low if one acquires their Morpheus Drops through the proper channels. Once a person starts buying from shadier sources, though, the risk rapidly increases.

Roulette Drops

While most who attempt to modify a Morpheus Drop will end up with Epiales Drops, those who are highly skilled with potion making and magic can produce what is known as a Roulette Drop. These capsules are easily distinguishable from regular Morpheus Drops by their gray color. Upon vanishing from the waking world, the dreamer will find themselves inside the dream of another person in Pandora that is currently asleep. The selected individual is completely random.

The qualities of the dream differ from those of a normal Morpheus Drop. To start, the duration of the effect isn't tied to how many capsules one ingested. Instead, the dreamer's body will reappear after the one whose dream they are invading wakes up. Aside from this, the dreamer doesn't have any control over the surroundings.

One whose dream is invaded is not automatically aware that they are in a dream, but a dreamer can convince them through words. The invaded individual has sole control over the dream. This means that, if the invader angers them, it is entirely possible that they may be killed. Thankfully, the properties of Roulette Drops prevent injuries from carrying over to the waking world. Once a dreamer is killed, they will reappear where they were when they vanished.

While not directly dangerous to both the dreamer and the individual's who have had their dreams invaded, Roulette Drops are still illegal due to the privacy violations inherent to the act of intruding on one's subconscious.
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