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The Governor

The Walking Dead
You kill or you die.
Lawful Evil

Mutronics is a research facility in Tower Hill, primarily focused on blurring the lines between human and animal. Animal here is a loose definition, encompassing not just regular creatures from Earth, but mythological species and alien lifeforms. Sell me a xenomorph, Mr Burkeman.


The facility is owned and run by a Komodo dragon shifter known simply as “Domino” (NPC), who also doubles as a scientist. @The Governor keeps his status as a co-owner secret, but it’s wide public knowledge that his home and place of work, the Ruby Ranch, funds much of the research.

More power and money hungry douchebags are welcome to buy into the organisation, or lend their support in some way.


Mutronics gives the impression of being a law-abiding company, experimenting solely on volunteers in medical trials, as well as paying clients. The facility’s legion of talented scientists hold relevant licences and qualifications.

But when volunteers and customers run dry, Domino will not hesitate to drag in unwilling humans and creatures to experiment on and dispose of to avoid drawing attention. The Governor is well aware of this shady underbelly, but doesn’t give a shit. He’ll even hand people over to Domino who he perceives are a threat to his community.


Upon entering the research facility, you’ll find yourself in a spacious reception area, which puts most people in mind of a posh dentist’s or doctor’s surgery.

A sign by the lifts read:
Reception - Floor A
Ursula Ward - Floors B & C
Talbot Ward - Floors D & E
Marvel Ward - Floors F & G
Moreau Ward - Floors H & I
Hyde Ward - Floors J & K
Offices & Meeting Rooms - Floors L & M

The owners of the facility and their most unethical scientists are the only ones who know about the basement levels, which hold unwilling test subjects.


Ursula Ward

By request, this branch of Mutronics can look into granting intelligent non-humans (such as talking animals) with human forms.

Talbot Ward

This branch of Mutronics specialises in modifying or curing a supernatural creature’s “affliction”, such as giving a werewolf the ability to change at will, rather than during the full moon.

Talbot and Ursula Wards are the most profitable departments, with Domino exploiting the insecurities and “medical conditions” of his clients. Often, he will pressurise his scientists into not curing them, but merely treating the “symptoms”, recognising that you can make more money out of selling them medication. An example of this is giving a werewolf drugs to suppress full moon transformations.

Marvel Ward

Specialises in giving humans beneficial animal qualities (like heightened speed, strength or senses), while striving not to alter their physical forms. Side effects reported in the past include fangs, fins, extra legs, red eyes and inheriting the occasional animal trait, such as eating grass or chasing cats.

Moreau Ward

Specialises in creating half human, half animal freaks (what some people might dub “furries”).

Hyde Ward

Specialises in giving humans the ability to change into an alternative form.


To apply, please check out the Pandopolis Job Sign-Ups thread.

Business Partners

People who have a financial stake in the company. I’m always open to new partners, but please message me on the site or via Discord to discuss first. :)


Those talented “experts” who experiment on the “volunteers”.


An individual or company that sells a product to Mutronics, such as laboratory equipment or ingredients for their revolutionary drugs. It also covers those unsavoury types who provide Mutronics with unwilling human, animal and other types of victims.


Through the media, Mutronics will often offer to pay individuals to take part in their medical trials. By contrast, humans and creatures that have a specific need of the facility’s services are expected to cover the cost of their treatment, plus any medication.

Either way, clients and volunteers must sign lengthy legal documents containing lots of convoluted sentences and technical jargon. They are essentially agreeing that the company is not responsible if any medical trial or service they provide causes undesirable results, chronic pain or death.

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