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All over the place
Neutral Evil
Relationship Status
What a sweet release when you rest in peace

Played by Tom

Fandom: RWBY
Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Canon Point: Just after she delivered the relic of knowledge to Cinder.
NPC Companions: Her silent sass


Special AbilitiesAura: Like all the other people of her world, Neo has an aura, a physical manifestation of her soul that keeps her safe from harm, cushioning blows, mitigating damage and overall just letting her brush off and survive things that would otherwise kill people. It won't keep her safe forever, but fortunately she doesn't really rely on it that much.
Semblance: Her semblance is called Overactive Imagination and it allows her to generate and create illusions that can physically be interacted with, being able to change her appearance completely, even letting her get bigger or smaller, losing and gaining mass depending on who she is imitating. The one limitation to this is the fact that, as a mute, she might be easily discovered by those around her.
Equipment Hush: Hush is Neopolitan's weapon, a grey, white and pink parasol with a blade along its length. While having no ranged capabilities, Hush still offers quite a bit of versatility when it comes to how she moves and how she performs in a fight, acting like a fencing-styled sword, a shield and basically a way of transportation, if she catches a strong enough gust of wind. The thing is surprisingly resilient, all things considered, and most people do not suspect that it could possibly be a weapon, they merely see a parasol and nothing else, until it's too late.


Despite her aura keeping her from harm’s way for the most part, it is not something that can last forever and enough damage will deplete it, leaving her as vulnerable as any other human would be until it recharges. She tries to make up for this by not relying much on it, choosing instead to simply avoid most of the attacks thrown her way. Still, she's not infallible and avoiding attacks is impossible sometimes.​
Even if she hates it, she is human and that comes with a myriad of weaknesses, like aging, getting sick, ceasing to live due to silly things like extreme trauma and devastating damage, among other things. She also needs to eat and sleep and drink to continue functioning. She wants to believe that she is not bound to mortal limitations, but she very much is, unfortunately.​
Simple as that, Neopolitan doesn't speak. This can prove to be quite bothersome for her, mostly because she has to find different ways of communicating with others, like adopting the appearance of people as if to put emphasis on them or refer to them in conversation, written words and other sort of clues are how she gets thoughts across to others, with text to speech being the one that proves the best option. That is not always available though, and planning some evil schemes is quite hard when one side does not understand you.​

I was nowhere,
I had no one,
I felt nothing
Lost without a voice
and on my own

The girl that would be named Neopolitan didn't have a childhood as sweet as her name would imply, far from it. A child that was not wanted nor planned, her parents didn't really even grant her the privilege of a name, referring to her as girl or kid for the most part. A mistake from day one, her father had always wanted a son yet the one time that he had managed to conceive, it had been her, a girl. It was, needless to say, not a good thing for her. Her mother didn't even bother acknowledging her, too enamored with her husband to really care for a child that was not to her husband's liking, if anything, she kind of loathed her for causing a rift between them.

A fit of rage from her father and an injury to the head later and the girl found herself taken to the hospital, away from her parents. The damage was done, however, she was never going to speak again, or at least that's what the doctors thought. It didn't take long for her to be sent to an orphanage, although no one really wanted to adopt the dumb girl who could not make a sound, and if they did, it usually wasn't for long. Turns out that would be parents preferred their children being able to laugh and make noise. There were even those that took that as defiance, thinking that she was just pretending and that she was a bratty child. All she really wanted was to be loved. That did not happen though. Not a single time. Eventually she grew tired of it, of getting her hopes up only to be let down and being returned like some kind of object at a shop that could be sent back once they were done.

So she ran. Not caring where she was going, not caring where she would end up and, when she was at her lowest, she met him.

Then a candle's flame
Brought a brand new name​

Roman Torchwick. Her friend, her father figure, her savior. He took her off of the streets, seeing potential in her that no one else did, not caring who she was or her story. He gave her the name she now carries, being reminded of the flavor due to the way she looked, gave her a purpose and a life and all he asked for was loyalty, loyalty that she was more than happy to offer him, doing whatever was needed of her by the man, no matter how big or small a task.

They were good, really good. They were going to paint the town that rejected her red, bringing down the cops and anyone who got in their way. Until those damn kids messed it up. Cinder and her goons came in next, basically taking their operation and ruining it, Team RWBY was partially responsible, although those were all minor slights. What she could not forgive, was what happened once Cinder managed to get her plan underway. The girl. Ruby. She got Roman killed and Neo was unable to do anything to change or prevent that, drifting down into Vale due to the wind and the girl's nifty idea of opening her parasol. She swore she would avenge him, somehow, one day.

But now you've stolen everything
and I'm all alone​

That was the last time she saw Roman. Since then, well, her life became a hectic mess without any guidance, being driven only by revenge and the need for retribution. That meant gaining allies in unlikely places, Cinder turning from enemy to ally if only due to the mutual hatred of the rose girl, of Ruby. The last thing she really remembered before arriving to Pandora was a bunch of vines wrapping around her body, and, much to her surprise, she could not get away from them. She hated it. This was messing with her revenge mission against the raven haired girl who had basically taken away everything from her. She had even gone through the stupid notion of infiltrating the Schnee house and now it was all for nothing..

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