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News Article New & Hot for the fall TV season



September 2nd

A new year, a new TV season and your's truly was granted early access to the new shows brought to you by Pandopolis TV. Here are 5 to look out for in the coming season.

NCIS Pandopolis

Coming hot off the tails of last year's cliffhanger everyone is eager to find out what will happen to Orla McCoy and how the illustrious agent will escape to solve another crime. This season is promising to be the best one yet, with the introduction of a new agent and beloved character Christophe Mann returning. Airing on mondays.

The Kingsroad

New from the Pandopolis TV studio is the drama The Kingsroad. When Roxanne Hanna goes missing during her hiking adventure her five closest friends, parents, try to figure out what happened to her. The only way to do it, follow in her footsteps and walk the treacherous road by themselves. Airing on Thursdays.

The Band of Jodami the Just

Last year's breakout series The Band of Jodami the Just returns this year. This high fantasy drama takes place in our own crystal vales and tells the tale of Jodami, a disgraced prince who must reclaim his throne in order to restore justice to his kingdom. Follow along with this gripping tale in this new season. Airing every friday at 9PM.

Charter and Decorum

The final series of Charter and Decorum as we wrap up the history of the Saunders estate. This stunning conclusion will be sure to amaze every fan of this beloved long running series. The time slot has not been changed, airing every wednesday night at 8PM.

Pandopolis late night

Closing off monday through fridays is Pandopolis late night. The popular talk show returns after a well deserved summer break and host Zacharia Ross is ready to get back into things with a whole host of guests and special appearances by musical guests. Be sure to tune in each night at 10:30PM.

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