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February 28

As Winter turns into spring so does Pandapolis TV showcase its new slate of TV shows. Pandapolis Today is here to show you the highlights so you don't miss anything of what are sure to become the next season's hottest shows:

The great Pandora bake off

Pandora´s favourite game show is back for another season in which 14 contestants will challenge each other to become Pandora's next baking master. This year, same as ever, a panel of 3 judges and the public alike can´t wait to see what our fourteen new bakers will come up with over the course of the following weeks. Don't forget to tune in each monday.


The new prestige high drama show from Pandapolis TV. Each episode a story of it´s own all filmed one on one in the same location. The visitation room of a prison. In these eight tense stories you will see some of Pandora´s best actors shine like never before. Each wednesday at 8PM


A whole new group of people take their chance at becoming Pandopolis next idol. Starting off with the auditions, moving to bootcamp and in a few weeks the live shows. The people chosen during the auditions will be coached by some of Pandora's hottest stars. Don´t forget to tune in each week to see who will win.

Bleet Patrol

For the little ones or the busy parents here´s a new show just for the kids. Bleet Patrol stars 4 adorable Wooloo´s as they keep Pandopolis safe. Working together on a few different fronts of public safety. For kids aged 3 and older.

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