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Yondu Udonta

Marvel Universe
Ceres, Cosmic Wilderness
Neutral Good
Relationship Status
Single, Not Seeking Partner

March 3, 110

So Yondu found his way off-a Elysium eventually, give or take a few scrapes with some thugs on his way out. That was his official good news for the day, and hopefully not the last-a his bad luck in this cosmic wilderness.

His bad news, on the other hand...was that he had this huge payout all to hisself, and not a whole load-a folks around t' spend it on. No friends sittin' around nearby, no blood relations, not even a giant dog or two lyin' around t' lap up whatever alcoholic mess he left behind tonight.

And that, ladies, gentlemen, and enbies, meant that a Ravager would just have t' resort to drastic measures...or, in other words, Yondu would just have to pick out somebody random from the usual crowd, 'n then see if he could interest 'em in a round or two. Good thing there were so many other folks gathered 'round this joint tonight, otherwise he might-a had some serious trouble makin' decisions.

Anyways...he would be sure not t' waste time in findin' what he hoped was the right person, as they'd caught his eye some time ago and looked like they could use some company. Or at least, that's what he could at least suppose, considerin' mind-reading wasn't one-a his 'marketable skills'.

"Say! Don't mean to get ahead of myself or nothin', but ah...I don't suppose you're new in these parts?"


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