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Open Not Showtime!? The False Accusation And the Gemini Twins!

Gemini Sunrise

Sakura Wars
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Five long days had passed since Gemini first arrived into her predicament. Her journey to find answers had taken her to the city of Pandopolis, with Larry in tow beside her, she traversed through the north gate and into the inner sanctum. With thanks to her current equipment inside her saddle bag, she managed to get herself warm and dry, but the weather was thankfully dry but cloudy. When Gemmy first saw this place, she was awe struck due to the immense size of the city. Upon entering the famed capital, she had a chance to give her horse to some stable boys to look after him, but she and her best friend were inseparable, so whether she went…..Larry went with her! While still garbed in her cowgirl outfit, her hair sat neatly covering part of her red pony tailed hair. During her journey to learn about her circumstances, she wondered if Shiny and her friends was here as well, but before she could do anything else, someone stopped her in her tracks for some reason. Standing right in front of her was a big butch of a man who was garbed in the official armour of the city guard, a sharp spear remained tightly around his left hand. The man stared at her with a defiant look as he spoke while pointing to the gun which was holstered at her hip.

The man of the city guard demanded to know what she was going to do with her gun! Gemini took her hands from Larry’s reigns and looked shocked. The man before her looked like he meant business, but she gave him a friendly smile. Sure she had a Colt Single Action Army Pistol at her side, she would never ever use it as it more like a family heirloom rather then a weapon. Mifune the man who become like a second father to her, had taught her the way of the sword, and thus she became a samurai, so there was no need for a gun, but Gemmy kept it just as a way to show off. Gemini said to the guardsmen. The guard thought for a moment, but he soon looked even more angry. Before she could even do anything the big bully pointed his spear at her in an attempt to arrest her! The guy spoke as he was determined to place his anger at someone, and that someone was poor Gemini! He said. Gemini looked shocked as the man got closer and closer to his target.
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