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News Article Odd Behavior of Wild Animals Across Pandora


November 4th

Animal experts across Pandora have been left stumped. A few days ago, with no warning, every wild animal seemed to react to something at once. Every non-domesticated creature abruptly stopped whatever they were doing and turned, facing a point that has since been speculated to be somewhere in the Dednear Woodland in the Crystal Vales. This included birds in midflight whose sudden stop led to them falling out of the sky as if paralyzed. Many complaints have been made from people who were hit by these falling creatures.

The source of this strange behavior is currently unknown, though some have speculated that these animals sensed something that has arrived in Pandora. Some more eccentric theories have also emerged, suggesting that this is a portent of danger that will spell the end of life as we know it. Others have suggested a change in weather patterns, though the lack of reaction from any pets or farm animals brings that into question.

Whatever the cause, the animals seemed to shake off this reaction and continued on as normal. Some have suggested finding what the animals reacted to, though some debate has started over whether to treat this as a threat to Pandora or as a scientific phenomenon to be studied. Currently, no formal plans have been made, though individual adventurers may find their way into the woods to sate their curiosity.

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