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Brainstorm Odd Jobs for (Ab)Normal Men?

Toss ideas back and forth to come up with a storyline/event/plot/major plot.


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Odd Jobs for (Ab)Normal Men?

Hello hello, this is your friendly neighborhood Weasley, and I've decided to put up this brainstorm to try and get some new plots going for two of my fellows! This may center around crime-fighting in the deep Wastes and/or planning a little crime behind the scenes in Centria, although I might not be entirely averse to trying my hand at a little romance, too. Anyways, my characters in need of more posts/threads are as follows:

@Gerold Hirschberg , early 20s, Jewish-American.

+Currently residing in Horizon, although his ability to ride a Chocobo can certainly bring him to other locations around the desert.
+His current mood is a mix of loneliness and a need to feel useful, so he's probably going to need at least one side job in driving off bandits, poachers, and other shady figures so as not to sink into depression.
+Romantic plots can be negotiated, provided the other character doesn't have anything against Judaism, exotic animals, and/or sand. P.S.: Ladies only, please; I've already headcanoned him to have been engaged to a woman back home as part of his profile.

@Oscar , middle 30s, Swedish.

+Currently residing in Centria; also plans to stay very close to home at the present time.
+As an assassin masquerading as a restaurant employee, he's more or less caught between two extremes in life: the straight and narrow path on the one side, while the dark and violent road waits upon the other.
+Therefore, anything related to this opposing mindset is 200% welcome, INCLUDING being tempted romantically by other assassins of any organization, orientation, and so forth. After all, he's not a youngster any more. ;)

Please put your ideas down in this thread if you have some! Thanks! :D

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