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Private once upon a dream


Merlin Ambrosius

March 20 - @Jasnah Kholin

Curiosity. It was curiosity that brought him there into the dark that night, his magic reaching out so far across Pandora and latching onto something. A connection. A connection, a bond, whatever it was he liked to call it. Not that they were bonded, but then, wasn't all magic bonded in some way, shape, or form? Even in Pandora where there were so many different types of magic about, there were fragments that were similar. An element of color, an element of nature, an element of light or an element of dark. Some people didn't even call it magic, but wasn't it all the same? There was always something and that was why Merlin felt so drawn that way that he always was. Magic was like a beacon to him and his was like a moth to the flame.

In the end, he wasn't sure why he honed in on her in particular. Jasnah Kholin. Cascade Bay's governess. At some point in the future, he would learn that and although he didn't know when, why, or how, Merlin knew now, though he had long since learned not to lead with that sort of thing. It tended to scare people away if it didn't leave them purely on the defensive, and something told him that she would not have taken kindly to a stranger arriving in her dreams to tell her that she knew things about her that he likely should not have.

So he wouldn't. But still, here he was, standing in the dark and waiting for the moment the dream realm surrounding him collected itself. Eventually, he could see color started to appear in fragments, coming together rapidly like puzzle pieces and Merlin stood there in robes of black and gold, remaining in place despite the way his head turned slowly this way and that. He may have known her name, he may have known what she did for a living, and he may have known that she was not a simple, average human being. But what he did not know was what sort of a form her dreams would have taken.

And so he waited, Merlin the face of curiosity as a faint smile pulled at the corners of his lips.

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