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Infinity Train
The Ball of Mixed Emotions
Definitely somewhere strange!
None Whatsoever!
Neutral Good

”Yaaay! Yay us! Yus!” “No. Nus.”

Played by Rik-Rik-Ree

Fandom: Infinity Train

Age: Unknown (even by One-One himself!)

Species: Robot

Gender: As a robot, doesn't "really" have a gender but One-One accepts he/him pronouns.

Canon Point: One-One will be taken from the very first episode of Infinity Train, shortly before his fated meeting with Tulip Olson.


+Two Bodies Are Better Than One!: One-One has the ability to split his ball shaped body down the middle to create a seperate pair of bodies for his different personalities. This makes him especially difficult to capture or wrangle, as well as making for a nice little surprise attack if he detaches part of himself into someone's face!

+Mechanical Body: As a robot, One-One's body is more resilient than the usual organic body is. He is immune to the effects of starvation, dehydration, and he does not need to sleep. His metal shell can take a fair bit of damage before it begins to show any sign of wear and tear!

+Rolly Polly: One-One can retract his nubby limbs in order to become a true ball. In this form, he can roll away from danger at a moderate speed!


-No Defenses: Unlike your typical robot, One-One was not built with any defense systems. He has no weaponry, he has no force field, he cannot transform into a giant tank. He's just a round ball that can split up into two! It leaves him rather vulnerable, particularly in a brand new world...

-Smol Ball: One-One is a truly small robot, barely bigger than your typical roomba!

-No Thumbs!: One-One's 'hands' are barely even hands, more like little nubs! Although he can generally hold things with them, he cannot do anything that requires more finesse such as threading a needle or tinkering with fine machinery.


One-One is made up of two different personalities that almost act as two different people, and yet can function as one being. Glad-One, as he will be referred to in narrative form, has endless optimism. Nothing can keep him down for long! Unfortunately, this means he has no sense of self-preservation as he doesn't comprehend dangerous situations and circumstances for what they are. Incredibly friendly, Glad-One tries to be helpful and supportive to those he comes across! He's like a little cheerleader! An easily distracted cheerleader who might forget all about the chant he made for you in order to go toddling after a passing butterfly.

Sad-One, however, is incredibly pessimistic with an odd fixation on the morbid. While Glad-One seems completely ignorant to danger, Sad-One is almost too aware of danger, to the point of assuming the absolute worse case scenario in any given situation. Despite, or perhaps even because of this sullen outlook, Sad-One has the capacity for nuggets of wisdom and even interesting existential quandaries!

Together, both sides of One-One can be forgetful. Their shared memories are faulty and the two seem to have no knowledge of their origins or true purpose, only remembering a vague impression of having a 'mother' and possessing an instinctual knowledge about the Infinity Train. They are not always attentive of the world around them. They prefer to come up with their own logic and explanations for the world around them, proving to be very imaginative. They attach to others easily, as they have been alone for 33 years. They care a great deal about the emotional and mental well-being of others, but don't always understand what is 'right' and 'wrong'. At his core, One-One is a simple sweetheart who's just trying his best.



The origins of the Infinity Train are mysterious, but its purpose surely is not. The Infinity Train appears before those who have been suffering through great trauma, allowing them onboard so that they can traverse through the infinite amount of train cars. Each new experience is meant to guide people through their traumas, showing them how to let go and teaching them to move on so that they may return back to their world a fully realized person. In the Engine of the Infinity Train lay its Conductor, a robot named One who kept the train running along with building new cars for the passengers. All was going well...

Until the arrival of a passenger named Amelia. Still rocked by the death of her beloved husband, Amelia ignored the lessons meant to help her through her issues and steadily made her way to the Engine car instead. She confronted One, demanding that he use the power at his disposal to build her her own train car. Not just any train car, but the perfect train car! Filled with nostalgic memories of the past, and most importantly... Where her beloved Alrick was still alive. Such a request was impossible to fulfill, not to mention against the very purpose of the Infinity Train. One refused her, and Amelia... Did not take the rejection well.

Furious, she forcibly ripped the robot out of the motherboard, an experience that subsequently changed One into One-One. Using her knowledge of computers and technology, Amelia took over the train and had One-One deposited into a train car far away from the Engine, the Snow Car. For 33 years, he made himself at home in the snow car with only himself for company. The only thing he can remember about the past, is that he has a 'mom' that he wishes to reunite with.


With a joyful little hum, One-One plowed himself a path through the snow as he dragged a couple of crumpled cans behind himself. All around the little robot was a winter wonderland, snow as far as the eye could see! Snowy trees, snowy hills...snow! And up ahead, a trio of very familiar snow-people! With bodies made of snowballs, arms made of sticks, and noses made of a carrot stick, the accessories were the only way to tell them apart. As he rolled up to the snow-people, One-One stopped in place to wave one of his little nubby hands at the first one. He had a rather handsome brown hat atop his head, although it was dusted with snow.

“Hello, Joe! What do ya know, haha?!” Giggling at his own little joke, Glad-One turned to the snow-person in the middle, their neck decorated with a pretty pink scarf. “Hot Dog, you look right chipper today!” His optics squinted pleasantly before he addressed the last snow-person who... had no head at all. “And Linnette Ramsey-Wilkinson, you are looking lovely as always!” He mimed as if he were tipping a hat to the snow-woman before he zipped around them with a sharp little “Whoop!” of excitement. He grabbed for the crumpled soda cans and tossed them onto a pile of junk that had been hidden behind them. Balls up piles of paper, discarded chip bags, half empty popcorn bags. A quaint wooden sign read 'One-One's Secret Stash'. “Oh, just look at all of this treasure! Isn't it wonderful?”

“It'd be more wonderful if the frostbite would hurry up and take us.” Sad-One groaned, one of the white optics shifting to resemble a teardrop. “I was promised a swift, cold death! But instead we've been here for YEEEEEARS!” He moaned, and before Glad-One could get a word in, One-One abruptly split into two pieces.

“Oh, it's not SO bad! We've made some fantastic friends over the years!” Glad-One swept his little nub to gesture to the trio of snow-people.

“Ugh, but they're terrible at conversations! I've asked Hot Dog about the meaning of life like...20 times and they always just STARE at me with those freaky coal eyes...” With another morose sigh, Sad-One soon put his little hands to use as he began to dig in the snow.

“Ooh~! Are you gonna make a snow-castle? I want a turn, I want a turn!” He bounced in place eagerly, the snow crunching beneath him softly.

“Actually, I'm digging our graves. My grave, specifically.” Grunting with effort, he began to sift through the cold ground until he had the start of a good trench brewing. “You'll have to dig your own. Mine's gonna be cozy, yet chilling. Like the opposite of mother. She was nice and warm. Like a freshly baked bagel!”

“We're not gonna DIE, silly! We'll get to be here forever, and ever, and ever, and ever! Hahahaha!” Glad-One took hold of his twin, hugging him close. ”Just think of all the treasures we'll find! We'll have our own hoard soon! And maybe we can share some of the bounty with our wonderful friends! I think Linette feels subconscious, you know. Her friends have a hat, and a scarf. She must be freezing!”

“Hm, and her sense of fashion must seem APPALLING compared to theirs.” His optics squinted thoughtfully as he tapped what best constituted as a 'chin' with his hand.

“That's the spirit!” The two reconnected into one being once more, and the ball rolled over to his pile of junk. He sifted through the mess, judging each piece critically.

“Hm... No, too stringy.” And away went a discarded piece of string.

“Ugh, it's all STICKYYYYY...!” He chucked away a soda can that had some soda residue sticking onto it.

“Hrrm, promising, but... It's just too corny, ha!” The bag of popcorn flew off to the side.

“Oh, this is PERFECT!” Their little nubs clasped around a crumpled bean can, the sheared top almost resembled a crown if you squinted! “Yes, this is the best trash available, I guess.”

“Linette is a queen and she deserves a crown like one!” Happy as can be, the little robot scrambled up the soft body of his friend. Nestling upon her 'shoulder', he held the can crown out as if it were a true treasure. “Linette Ramsey-Wilkinson, I've found you the best present! Now you can fit in with your lovely friends! Happy birthday!” With reverent little hands, he bestowed it upon her with all the weight and awe befitting such a spectacle! He gasped, hands clasped together as he gazed at the true beauty of their friend, who could at last fit in with the others...!


...At least, she could before the can tumbled right off of her shoulders. “Sigh... I should have known it was useless... Sometimes you just can't fix ugly.”

“Oh, that's not true! Perhaps we just need to find the best garbage, maybe there's something buried at the bottom of the pile-”

“Ugh, we're basically garbage if you ask me...”




“What is?”

“It's us, it's US!” Laughing victoriously, it only took an energetic hop for One-One to nestle himself firmly upon Linette's beautiful ivory shoulders!

“Of course, how could I forget?! It was me, I was the garbage all along!”

“Nothing feels better than helping out a friend, ey?”

“Eh. It beats waiting for the sweet release of death, I'll give you that.” Satisfied for now, the two settled into a comfortable silence as they basked in the glow of friendship and the joys of giving. Hey, wasn't there a holiday based around that kind of thing...?

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