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Opt out Feedback?


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Me and another player were discussing the abilities to opt out of random events. Opting out by player and by character is fine. that's an easy, blanket thing to do that only needs to be done once. But if you have a thread - specifically a plot heavy thread that is already planned out - that you do not want messed with, we have the opt-out thread list.

We thought of two problems:
  • forgetting to request an opt-out
  • admins/mods constantly having to delete and edit the list as threads are completed/dropped, etc
Idea: create a prefix or a tag that tells admins just to not post random events in that thread FOR PEOPLE TO OPT-OUT JUST THREADS. keep the opt-out list for players/characters.

That way, there is no expansive, ever changing list and it's harder to forget when the tag options are on the same screen that you type your post on.

Just a suggestion. I don't even know if it'll be an issue yet. I'm just thinking about .... less stress, less paperwork 8D that is all!

(Love the revamp btw)

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