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Oshiro, Jin

Jin Oshiro

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Jin Oshiro
you see? even death has a heart.

Played by GhostOfHalloweenPast

Fandom: STRAY (2019)
Age: Late-Twenties
Species: Magic-Wielder
Gender: Male
Canon Point: when he's escaping from the precinct
NPC Companions: four pokémon


MagicSmoke fills the room, or maybe it's ash. It acts like a beast on its own, controlled merely by the young man standing nearby, and whomever it touches, it hurts terribly. Like claws made of hot steel, the smoke cuts through anything, wrapping around limbs and bodies and everything that's alive, and turning it into ash. Some are found to be in a petrified state once he's done with them, tricking the most modern machines into thinking their bodies are more than a thousand years old. And those that fight against him? Those that use bullets? They will learn too quickly, that the smoke can act like a telekinetic shield if necessary, protecting him from any physical force as long as he's focused. Rumor has it he can put people into a trance and absorb the entropic energy of death to heal himself; whenever his magic has affected the room, there's ash particles and smoke residue wafting through the air, though they don't seem to affect anyone like normal ash and smoke would.

Memory ProjectionThe other side of these powers looks vastly different. With just the right words, silhouettes appear like 3D projections, made from ash and smoke, and moving like ghosts of what has once occurred. They are always true, unable to show lies, but easily disperse when he loses focus, or when someone dares to touch them.

PokémonDuring Summer Y108, Jin found three, technically four pokémon and has since taken care of them. They are animal-like beings with elemental or metaphysical powers, some amount of sentience, and they can be captured and kept inside so-called Pokéballs, which are barely bigger than your palm - though Jin lets them roam freely and has no plans to keep them inside one of those devices. In their canon world, they're usually trained by humans, so they can use their powers in fights against other trainers, or to keep their own trainer safe against wild, untamed pokémon; some people keep them as simple pets, service animals, or to help with their work. Almost all pokémon have only been observed to call out their own name - after which their species is named - or to produce some animalistic cry. Exceptions apply, as some bird-like pokémon can learn to parrot things their trainer teaches them, and Mew as well as Mewto can even talk psychically. Many of these creatures have a second and third form, called evolution, which is either triggered by enough training and therefore experience, or by certain gems or items that can be found in shops or in the wilderness - same evolution can be prevented by other specific items, too. Every pokémon is categorized under a certain type, sometimes two, which means that the so-called attacks it can and will learn, will mostly be matching that type; the 'attacks' don't have to be offensive in nature, though: every action they can take, even those of a defensive, supportive or passive nature, are called such. They may fall unconscious in battles, when their health is nearly depleted, but can be nursed back to full health with potions, or at walk-in clinics specifically constructed for that purpose.

Jin specifically, has taken in a Raichu, an Umbreon, and a Houndoom mother with her Houndour puppy.
  • Raichu: a pokémon of the electric type; this particular Raichu is barely bigger than a pet rat (which is very small for its species), and shaped like such except for the tail that somewhat resembles a lightning bolt attached to a (lightning)rod, and has the passive ability Static, which gives a 30 percent chance for an attacking pokémon to get paralyzed when touching the Raichu in question; was named Rachel
  • Umbreon: a pokémon of the dark type; was named Kuro and is the size of a Norwegian Forest Cat; possesses the ability Synchronize which causes status changes like poisoned, paralyzed or asleep to carry over to any attacking pokémon that touches the Umbreon; this particular Umbreon is a "shiny" variant, and has blueish rings in its fur instead of the regular yellowish ones; looks like a weird mix between a dog and a cat, but with bunny ears
  • Houndoom + Houndour: pokémon of the type fire and dark, former about the size of a young teenager, latter reaching up to Jin's thighs at least; they both have the abilities Early Bird which helps them wake up faster when asleep, and Flash Fire, which powers up their fire attacks if they're attacked with actions of the same type, as well as making them immune to fire damage; a Houndoom's cry is said to sound like it comes straight from hell; looks a lot like a dog, but with rib bones forming a sort of exoskeleton, and white horns growing on its head once its grown up; the mother was named Hela


By no means, is Jin invincible. Unless he's focusing, he can be hit by anything, be it bullets, a knife, a punch - and suffer the consequences. He's also not physically strong, and rather on the skinny side. Aging still affects him somewhat, and he will eventually die of old age, if his actions don't kill him first. Other magic-users, especially those that have powers contrasting his, are a threat to him; light or life magic in any form is to him, like the sun is to most vampires, burning him up while it cleanses him of any magical energy, and eventually leaving him dead, like a bottle of ink someone has poured bleach into.

The pokémon are still more or less regular animals, though. They are not immortal, nor invincible, and barely any of them can truly understand their owner unless they're of the psychic type. In fights, they are weak to certain, opposing types, and some can easily die by attacks of such types. Generally, they're also not immune to blunt force, sickness or other things that would prove fatal to most animals.


What is there to tell, about a boy who grew up to be the unfavoured, the neglected and abandoned son? Taught from a young age, that magic comes from pain, that he will never be able to create something beautiful with the gift that's been bestowed upon him, and that he's "cursed", Jin has grown cold and morally somewhat adrift. His approach to problems of any kind is rather extreme, and can certainly end in injuries and death if he feels cornered or heavily threatened. He has no problem talking about these murders and even easily admitting to them; he blames his mother especially for all the crimes he's committed, since she was the one who beat him up to "make his magic just as beautiful as her own" because everyone else in the family has powers exactly contrasting his, bringing life and light into the world instead of death and darkness, and she thought she could change him by putting him through suffering. Eventually, she abandoned him entirely, secretly immigrating to the US with her mother and his much younger sister - Jin was forced to survive on his own after that, betrayed by the people he thought to be his family and left alone with the mindset that he was somehow evil for possessing these powers alone. Only seeing two options: giving up or embracing his true self, Jin chose the latter, and is now mostly proud of his powers, and can see something beautiful even in them.

Jin suffers from abandonment issues and reacts violently to betrayal, yet he gives people a chance at redemption, craving the love and acceptance they could offer, even if he's been hurt by them before. Years after being abandoned by his family, he seeks to reconnect with them, hoping - maybe naively so - that they've changed, and just as he has come to accept his magic, that they can too. In all his questionable methods, Jin realizes how scared the people around him are, and if it's not necessary for them to fear him, doesn't act in ways that would only make that worse. Despite his slightly distorted morals, he can be reasoned with, doesn't gain satisfaction from causing pain, and is willing to accept apologies.

At one point or another, he's started dealing with all the pain he's been dragged through differently than most would. Most of his body is covered in tattoos, yet he never bothered to cover up the lashing scars on his back. There's self-hate still cursing through his veins and a part of him still believes the things his mother's told him, making him quite susceptible to the verbal attacks of others, which he swallows and then uses to fill up his magical energy. Albeit only a psychological, more or less placebo thing, Jin is far more powerful when he's angry and hurt, or emotional in general.


The smell of coffee and fried potatoes hit him as he entered the small bistro, his gaze drifting through the room, over customers who didn't pay him any mind. He wasn't sure where he'd expected his mother to work at, just that it certainly hadn't been this. The picture of her, that he was carrying inside his mind for years now, somehow didn't include under-the-counter work at an establishment such as this. He was sure that the smell had to have started sticking to her hair after a while, constantly wafting around her like some cloud of failure and hunger and loss.

He liked to think she missed him, sometimes. More often than she thought back to hate him and let a silent shudder run down her spine and then breathe a sigh of relief, knowing he wouldn't come for her. Knowing she'd made it pretty clear that she didn't want him near. He was about to break that illusion, to tear that stability apart, and this time without using the destruction he felt humming underneath his fingertips at all times, ready to break and break and break.

It didn't take long for her to appear at the counter, not because he'd asked though. He saw her eyes find his, recognition washing over them with something akin to horror attached to it, and he couldn't say it didn't bother him, as much as he'd want for it to stop hurting. "Can we talk?" Jin asked, accent heavy, the last k harsher than the c at the beginning, a pause settling between the first syllable and the rest of his question. Maybe the horror would disperse soon, he'd be willing to ignore it for the sake of rekindling their connection, no matter how little some would say she'd deserved it after all the things she'd done to him. But they weren't him. They had no right to decide what she deserved and what she didn't.

For moments, Jin feared she'd send him away, pretend she hadn't already very visibly recognized her own son. The fear of that happening didn't want to settle in just yet, it'd have demanded for him to doubt this amazing plan he'd constructed - coming to America, finding her and his sister and mend what had been broken so long ago - and he couldn't have that. The darkness would take over then, make him painfully vulnerable, force his hand. All of them not things helpful in repairing their relationship.

She followed him quietly onto the parking lot, though, listened to his proposal, didn't even interrupt him like she'd loved to do when he'd been younger. There was fear written into her eyes and he spoke calmly because of it, respected the distance she was keeping - he'd swallow that too, looking only ahead, into a what could be. He'd swallowed so much for her, but Jin didn't want to succumb to that bitterness. A lot had changed in the past few years, and he was doing all he could to swallow that grudge too, no matter how sharply it cut open his throat, almost lodging itself into his windpipe on the way down. He forced it down, physically swallowing once he'd finished and looking at her expectantly.

It was quiet for a moment, but not because she needed time to think. Her decision seemed like she'd formed it the moment he'd stepped into the bar. No, she was likely trying to calculate whether or not he'd hurt her if her answer wasn't the one he'd expected to hear. "No. No, Jin, I can't. We can't." The sharp regret in her voice ran down his spine like ice water. "You can't just come back now and expect this to simply work!" she continued, and all Jin could think was But you left me, not the other way around?! "You shouldn't have come here, I'm sorry for the effort." And suddenly, she slipped past him and back into the warmth of the bistro, leaving her son standing there, out in the cold. His eyes were wide, lips parted but barely drawing breath and for a second he doubted he'd even be able to inhale another time, as reality came crashing down onto that hope of his and crushing his ribcage in the process. It was like drowning but worse, a heavy stone dragging him into the depths of the ocean while he felt unable to let go.

The small wisps of smoke curling around his fingers went unnoticed by the people heading out of the diner, and it was everybody's luck that Jin knew how to control himself, how to force the destruction back into his veins and ignore the sickening pain it caused when it scratched over the insides of his lungs. Jaw tight and a telling wetness in his eyes, he dragged his motorbike helmet back on and climbed into the seat.

She'd come to regret rejecting him like this, she'd realize how stupid she'd been to not take this chance. Hell, he'd given her the benefit of the doubt, and for what? This was worse than the raw pain he'd been forced to endure as a child, though he couldn't describe why. Maybe because it was the second time she'd sent him away? Maybe because, despite all his feigned indifference, Jin had actually expected for her to welcome him back.

She'd see what she'd missed out on, what she'd left behind - very very soon.
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