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Open pandora national appvention 2020


  • The Huntsman

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  • The Soldier

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  • The Shroud

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  • The Patriot

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  • The Tinker

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But I've had a big struggle in the past couple months with Pandora with a lot of life changes going on that have knocked muse after muse after muse out of me, but I'm on a good path now and I want to start expanding my roster a little bit more to interact with as many people as I can before I have to go again for a while! Is it a bad idea to add more to my plate? Perhaps, but everybody knows I like a little buffet. I do want to bring all of these characters (back) to my roster eventually, but it's certainly difficult trying to pick who to start with!

SO. You know how this works already, so please help me decide!

The Huntsman -
Shrouded in mystery, the Huntsman lurks beyond the boundary of the wildlands in wait for their perfect prey. They are experienced, intelligent, and particularly dangerous behind the scope of a rifle and the curve of a trigger. Hailing from a backwater planet that would eventually become home to a galactically televised bloodsport game, the Huntsman has been known as a two time champion of the competition. Nobody knows their true face or their motivations; but with the hatred they hold for technology and a fondness for the gods of the old world, they kill only for the thrill of it.

The Huntsman wouldn't do much of anything important in Pandora, instead operating primarily as a nomad killing whatever they could for sustenance and living off the land-- teaching anyone who wishes to follow in their footsteps the tools of the trade.

The Soldier -
A character I've actually had before that some have been asking me to bring back, and I'm inclined to agree-- the Soldier is a righteous individual who fights for what he believes to be justice in a world where there is none. He exemplifies everything that is honourable and simple, preferring to eschew the complications of the modern world as best he can for a pragmatic lifestyle. He's the kind of person who has trouble adapting, but a willingness to learn. He treats all others with respect unless they lose the right to it, often hard even for those who fight against him. In his own words, he just doesn't like bullies.

The Soldier has had a solid life in Pandora before and would be brought with all his memories, job intact, and ready to resume his life as he'd left it. ...Mostly.​

The Marine -
A broken shell of a man that left behind a lot in his quest for power; the Marine was, aptly, a former rifleman with the United States Marine Corps who fell out of service with a dishonorable discharge that followed him into his disastrous career as a mercenary. Left for dead in the desert, he hallucinated and healed in the perceived presence of the god of the moon that would take him in and guide him. The Marine suffers from dissociative identity disorder, with several personalities floating in his broken consciousness with all different roles and talents. He fights only because he is told to, and is unafraid to kill and harm those who oppose him in his quest to appease the god above him.

The Marine would take on a similar enough life to the Soldier in Pandora, with vigilantism on the table to a much more vicious degree. He would be unafraid to maim criminals in his quest and duty to serve the moon god. Other than that, there's not a whole lot planned out readily for him. He's just the kind of character that reacts rather than plan.

The Shroud -
A humble, studious spy; the Shroud is one of the more wizened people on this list not from experience but from study, though with plenty of skill to keep her afloat in a world of action. Born deep into a life of secrecy in a society that hides from the light of the world, the Shroud (and her brother, unfortunately) were raised to be exceptional in the pursuit of freedom and to do all they could to maintain humanity's place of those freedom from the clutches of those who would seek slavery to the masses. In comparison to her brother, the Shroud is slow to act and prefers to think tactically.

The Shroud would adapt easily to Pandora, with very few hiccups as far as plans. At most likely, she would adapt to a role as an administrator in the Vales by day and work to revitalize the order she had been indoctrinated in since her first days on Earth so that Pandora would always have a last line of defense in the shadows.​

The Patriot -
A man who would do all that he could for the benefit of his nation; even if it would cost him his pride, his wealth, or his life. The Patriot was the once great leader of the United States, serving as its President. A war veteran in the civil affairs that nearly tore apart his home country, the Patriot nearly died in the very struggle to maintain peace between two sides-- only saved by the heart of a Saint that would give him the strength to overcome adversity and mortality. He is a polite enough man, though ruthless beyond all perceivable measure and willing to go to great lengths to ensure the safety of the people under him at large. ...Although, he is unafraid to shed some blood to achieve the goals in his mind. He is of a spiritual sense, with an ability that goes beyond the boundary of space that grants him an infinite number of worlds to manipulate at his leisure to line up upon his goals.

The Patriot would settle in Centria, working public office for as long as needed to maintain a pristine and perfect quality of life within the region-- and, eventually, Pandora at large.

The Tinker -
Another character I've brought to Pandora several times, though a good feeling now that I would finally maintain her. The Tinker is a synthetic girl with a very real soul behind her mechanical heart. She was built in her world to test the boundaries of what could be considered a human. The Tinker is a curious, polite, and often naive girl who misrepresents her own strengths and finds herself in trouble that most her "age" would know how to avoid. Despite a near child-like innocence, she is stalwart and brave to the point of danger for her own well-being. Though, after a brush with "death" before, the concept no longer scares her.

The Tinker would settle in Pandopolis, with a particular set of other canonmates of hers close to her new life, and keep herself particularly busy learning the lay of the land for a while-- eventually settling in whatever business awaits her, likely with the mechanical sciences and development of Pandopolis infrastructure or compulsory military service.​

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