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Pandora: Shattered Glass [Alignment Flip AU]



Pandora: Shattered Glass

It's Pandora, but not as you know it!
Here, our favourite characters were drawn in from their alternate universes - where, if they're a good guy normally, now they're a villain, and vice versa! How this affects the world is up to you. Will your former hero now seek power and control, or do they sit in the shadows and manipulate events? Does your former villain now fight for justice and righteousness on the frontlines, or are they the hard-working and tireless presence behind the scenes, trying to keep everything running smoothly?

Basically, my idea for this was that we could do a sort of "shared universe" series of threads, where anyone who wanted to use the "Shattered Glass" concept in their AU thread could do so. All you'd have to do to indicate what universe it was in would be to put "[SG]" somewhere in the thread title, and bish bash bosh, your thread is part of the Shattered Glass AU!

Anyway, rather than "signing up," if you make a thread within this AU, post it here and I'll add it to a big ol' list! That way anyone who wants to can have a big ol' read of 'em all, and get a feel for what this flipped-upside-down Pandora is like!

Events in the Shattered Glass Universe:
- Caught Between The Devil And the Storm / Illyana Rasputina, Billy Batson - The evil Billy Batson has been dragged into Pandora... and he won't be alone for long.
- thread here!

To add a thread to the list, post here with the following template, taking the stars out of "code":
[*code] [url=thread url here] name of thread[/url] / (names of the characters involved) - a short description of the events of the thread, no more than a couple of lines[*/code]

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